Rapid Fire Update Rifter Changes

I saw that with the Rapid Fire Minmatar ship updates that the hull bonus for the Rifter was changed from a 25% max damage boost to a 25% rate of fire boost. Since they are almost functionally identical, anyone have any ideas as to why the change might have been made and what if any impacts it has to fitting or fighting with the ship?

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Better rate of fire gives slightly higher damage output than a flat damage increase to the same amount. This change was calculated to be a 6% increase to Rifter damage. However, the loss in volley strike is a detriment to artillery builds, which won’t be able to punch through active repair with the same strength as before. Overall, it can be said that autocannon builds got stronger while artillery builds were made weaker, despite the paper DPS increase.


It now chew thru ammo like crazy and arty fits got massive nerf…
…oh it paper dps is up a smidge.

Thanks for the insight. I hadn’t thought of the impact to Artillery builds. I guess with this and the barrage changes CCP really sees this as a scram kiter.

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I prefer RoF over DMG, makes switching between targets faster.

Alpha damage with arty builds will be much lower making them less attractive for small gangs vs rep fits, will chew through ammo faster meaning that you’ll have to expect a reload where you could blap a target in one magazine before.

Cap drain? Projectile guns don’t use capacitor in the first place. It is one of the highlights of the weapon system. Rate of fire on any of the other gun systems indeed raises capacitor usage… just not for rusty Minnie pea shooters.


Whilest you have more dps, autos works better with more alpha. CCP really nerfed the ship. Basically because you cant pierce AAR tanks now with autos, and arties fits are nerfed too due less bonused alpha.

In terms of DPS, you have better ships there like atrons, incursus.
Well done CCP, if you wanted to give more dps to the ship, you only had to increase the old bonus.

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I remember my rifter hitting other frigates really hard, with just 250mms, I wonder hows it going to be like now.

They nerfed the arty Rifter which was the BEST ship in the game, what is the point of changing it to a RoF bonus instead of damage? I used to get 1k alpha damage in an arty Rifter (if you use a few implants and know how to fit it properly) but now the maximum you can get is about 825 or so, that’s ■■■■■■■ lame. With the damage bonus the Rifter was good with arties OR autos, now it’s pigeon-holes into using autos pretty much exclusively again. Now when I come back I have to find a new ship to use cause you guys ■■■■■■ up the Rifter yet again.

You kind of answered your own question.

My god you’re stupid.

Thank you, may I have another?

That RoF bonus is great.
I have to check if it can pop a pod before it’s fried by sentry turrets.

You could already do that with arties

lol i meant with a rifter.
last time i’ve tried that was years ago.
i’m sure i did it wrong.

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