Rifter - Armour or speed or brawling?

Hi relatively new player here,

Just wanting some information on whether it’s better to armour tank my rifter or make it fast for brawling in pvp?

I know a Slasher is a better option but liking the Rifter and wondering whether or not it’s viable for low sec pvp.

Thanks in advance.

People will have a thousand different opinions about things like this, and a lot of them will work well in some situations but not great in others. Personably I love flying the Rifter and Wolf as fast arty ships. They are already fast, so I play to their strengths. When you get decent at matching transversal the artillery lets you put out some really decent damage from outside of web and scram range. Everything has a pro and con, if I get scrammed and webbed I’m gonna die. If a blaster boat lands at 0, I’m gonna die.

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Interesting… Most of the information I’ve gotten seems to either play Rifter as an Artillery ship as you said or playing it as a “keep at range and use your turret falloff to do damage” (forget what’s it’s called)…

So as I hear it the Rifter isn’t good at brawling at close range or am I wrong?

Yeah, those are both basically the same thing, you are using long range arty to kite outside of their scram and web range. Some people absolutely do use Rifters to brawl. I’ve just always liked their speed, and if you are brawling you aren’t using that asset. Check out Black Rebel Rifter Club on zkill. Very good solo frigate pilots who like to use, you guessed it, Rifters. They have way more experience than me and their losses can point you to some good fits.

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take a look at the rifter on zkill, look at the people with the most kills in the ship then look at their lossmails. Lost mails listed as solo are excellent to check out as well. Of course this doesn’t mean every one you look at is going to be a good fit…but after you look at some you’ll start getting an idea of how most people that are good in the ship fit them.

You can do this with any ship, excellent way to learn fits


Would 2 armour plates on a frigate be any good? I know it’s got more EHP etc but slows me down quite a bit… Is speed really a must for frigates or is it just for running down/escaping targets?

Two plates is generally a bad idea, better to fit one 400mm plate instead of 2 200mm’s, you are generally always better a plate + resistance mod; speed is very important in pvp.

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The Rifter is one of those ships that can be fit in several ways. The critical thing – and this spplies to every ship really – is to understand what your ship / fit was intended to do, as well as the most common ships and fits and situations you are likely to encounter.

The advantage of long range kitey ships and fits is the potential safety margin they give. The downside is that yor prey might have an easier time giving you the slip, and you are probably doing less DPS so the fight will be longer – making it that much more likely that your enemy’s comrads will show up. There are always trade offs. One basic rule I use is this: the busier the low sec region the faster I want to be.

Anyway, to answer your question, I suggest you fly whatever tickles your fancy. Buy them a few at a time, and try to learn something from every fight, win or lose. And have fun, its just a game.

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