This is how you Slasher

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Making some instructional videos. This is my first. Hope you like it. Any constructive criticism welcome.

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Nice with good info.

Didn’t know about module overheat damage leaching into the module next to it, will definitely remember that.

Thanks for posting.

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Look at all the Mastery V the guy have !

(Veryez) #4

For your ‘interceptor’ setup, if you put an Auto Targeting System 1 in the high slots (but don’t activate it) it increases your number of allowed targets to 7 (as opposed to 5) thus allowing you to keep the ship tackled and target all 5 of his drones. It still allows you to fit the t2 warp disrupter.

(Estuary Algaert) #5

Nice to see another Rens local posting stuff.

I use a fit similar to this, but different enough. The neut will win you fights.

(Sebs Pride) #6

This is thinking outside the box, thank you

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #7

never heard meta referred to as “named T1”

nice video

(Salvos Sixx) #8

Would this work with the Interceptors as well, ie: claw or stiletto? They all seem to share the same small projectile turret bonuses. Seems the ceptors offer more and could be quick and smaller sig?

(Tater-nuts) #9

You need to change the shield extender to a Med shield acc and small boosters to max reps or you’ll drain your cap with the nuet and the you die. A properly fit slasher can defeat almost any other t1 frigate and several faction frigates, including the firefly.

Personally, I didn’t pay much attention to the slasher in the past, instead preferring the rifter, but tried it about 1 year ago and was very surprised at it’s performance. It has become one of my favorite t1 frigates to fly.

(Salvos Sixx) #10

Sorry for the new bro question, but is there a certain time to use the nuet against the other t1? do I just leave it on when im in range and brawl with it running the whole time?

(Tater-nuts) #11

I usually start neuting ASAP and leave it run until almost all the cap has expired. With navy cap boosters you get around 10-12 cycles with your neut, which pretty much take out any t1 frigate and even some faction frigates in a 1v1 fight. I use 50’s to get the most reps with my Medium Acc shield booster. If I haven’t got my opponent dead once my boosters run out, I’m usually the dead duck.

I am sure more experienced pilots have some different strategies, but where frigate fights are usually very short, I try and keep things simple as possible. :slight_smile:

(Christopher Joseph Souder) #12

Excellent video.

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