So T-3 filaments probably dark and electrical

What ship would positively smash them, and would implants be absolutely necessary.

I am still losing ships in T-1 granted it was a sleeper battleship in a T-1 fitted cruiser but I definitely am not progressing as quickly as I should.

Some say passive others active.

Ships available are Amarr T-2, Gallente T-2 and Caldari T-2 which I have better results with but even my gunnery skills are at lvl 4 T-2 but granted I’m using beams, maybe pulse?

I’d say most peeps use gila for elec and cerb for dark.

Usually passive cause neuts.

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I’ll give it a try, I am thinking that my failure is probably due to unfamiliarity with PvP because of lack of knowledge of strategy, my fits seem to be doctrine but my strategy most likely is very lacking.

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Cerb for Dark
Shield tank Ishtar works well in Exotic due to very high Kinetic resists
Gila for the rest

General rules I use which might be helpful

  1. Kill energy neuts first, except in Electrical where they are killed last.
  2. Don’t fly straight towards BS with long range weapons, zig zag closer to them
  3. Kill trig cruisers before they can ramp up thier DPS, highest priority target, the trig frigs can wait, even at full DPS ramp up the frigs DPS is manageable.
  4. Stay well clear of Drone BCs, they have short range weps that melt you.
  5. Set up easy to use hot keys for overheating all modules. If i get into bother, i can just press 1-3 on the KB to overheat all 3 racks, or just 3 on its own to overheat the defensive modules.
  6. Take some nanite repair paste
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Here’s the brass tax: A cruiser will cover up all the bad piloting mistakes you make that would otherwise get you killed. Until you make a huge mistake and you die

Do T0’s in a frigate. you get 3x the loot of a cruiser and you’ll learn to play. Then move up to t1’s.

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