Fierce Dark Filament vs Omen Navy Issue

I know that the abyssal filaments come in various tiers and that they become harder as you go up. Can an Omen Navy Issue with a clean clone do the t3s? I like the Omen Navy Issue. I was thinking of the Fierce Dark Filament since… well I got lots of those. If it can do any of the fierece ones, it probably can handle the electrical one fine, although I am doubting it can handle the exotic one.

Then maybe look what effect Dark Filaments have and if you really want to enter that with a Turret Ship.

And yes, it can do Fierce Electricals fine if you know how to deal with the different spawns and are willing to invest a bit into Faction Equipment.

They make turrets basically have half range, making even the “calm” filaments putting you constantly in falloff if you try to use Conflagulation M. Since you need to get close and are constantly taking damage just getting in, this fully taxes the capacitor on an active tank. Normally I’d just kill the source of the damage before it does a lot, but the penalty to optimal is troublesome. I figured the calm dark was as far as the ONI can go for dark filaments. Although it might also be because my skills for Pulse specialization isn’t maxed out so I’m not making the source of damage “go away” fast enough.

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