Ishtar is Filaments

Hello, I have been trying to do Filaments in an Ishtar for a while and can not seems to get a fit that I like.
Anyone got any suggestions on a good fit for running t3 -t5 Filaments in and Ishtar? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

Try joining the “Events” channel or the “Abyss Channel” for some tips and hints for fitting in the Abyss with your Ishtar.

sorry trying to type from memory editing now lol

Ishtar with Caldari Navy Wasps works amazing in Exotic T5s. Fit it to the point you can reach 600dps, add a faction web and use the rest of your fitting space for tanking, get an Asklepian set and pop Exiles like Tic Tacs.

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wow that easy? I died doing a tier 3 firestorm… Vedmac waves hit hard lol.

With a A-Type rep and at least one or two C-Type EANMs, yes. Forgot to mention that. But in general, the problem in higher tier filaments is more often time, not incoming damage.


And since you need to move around with a 3b+ cruisers and a pod that can get to 1/3 of the ship’s price. You’re quite an easy piñata if you get caught, and in highsec, CONCORD will flag you as suspect if you run T4-5 filaments. So yeah, be careful.

There is no suspect flagging


I read somewhere that this only happens with Tier 5 filaments nowadays.

Ah, they scrapped the mechanic so crybabies with flying golden coffins won’t always lose their ships when they exit farming instanced space with multi billions PVE cruisers ?


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CCP removed it completely. So no suspect flags anymore, not even with Tier 5 filaments.

Wow! I like that as a pve player, and hate it as the threat of pvp is a fun part of Eve for me. I guess the threat of losing your ship and your implants to the timer was enough.

Suicide ganking with Tornado’s is still a thing.

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Always. I learned the hard way when I was mining a lot. The bling on some of these abyssal runners is definitely werth it.

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