Ishtar for Deadspace? (Returning old player)

Hey Guys

So I used to play a lot, about 7+ years ago, and have now returned to Eve for the same reason as most. And one of the new bits of content I am looking at is the filaments and deadspace. My training is almost all Gallente, and I have tried a few of the calm filaments, which ive been able to cruise through.

I decided to try an agitated firestorm after doing a bit of reading, and almost died having not released a step up between tiers.

I cant seem to find much info on good fits for filaments beyond “Check out my officer fit Gila, AFKs T5s!” so I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to fit up my ishtar to dive into the 2s and 3s as I get more experienced!

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

easy to find guides about abyssal

t2s are easy, you don’t need a HAC for that. What you need is to learn npcs types and which ones should be targeted first etc

Not so easy to find relevant guides post “surgical strike”.
Torvald of abyssal lurkers has some post surgical strike fits and walkthroughs… so good infact that it made him get into CSM this year.

Also Garrys “great” abyssal guide is not that great and im tired of seeing it in google …
is a guide. but its not relevant anymore, and even when it was relevant, its full of misstakes.

I too, are looking for a reliable firestorm fit, as it is, i feel t5 firestorms are RNG and you are going to lose the ship sooner or later due to time issues?

OP asked for guides and “how to fit up my ishtar to dive into the 2s and 3s as I get more experienced!”
so i think that the guides i linked are perfectly fine to start doing t2s and t3s. Even after the resist nerf.

Not all people are searching for fits to do T5s you know…

And “old” guides allow you to understand abyssal pockets, npcs types, weather effects, clouds etc…

oh yeah sure, i didnt read that carefully… but its good to point out for when op gets smart and start to look more into t5 instead…

for t1-3 i guess the obvious misstake in garrys guide dont matter all that much…

ps. where the guides are wrong fro t4/t5.
inferno missiles does more damage then the kinetic. (and more or less the same damage as weather specific missiles= always use inferno fury light missiles)
drones should always be t2 weather specific, for frigates rooms use faction drones for better tracking.

dont do firestorms, due to npc armor buff paired with the worst tracking drones = death by time.

dont do dark if your main damage comes from drones, as they cant apply damage… unless the new hydra implant set turns out to be imba and all that…?

for some rooms its nice to have augmented hammerheads, as the rats are big and have low omni resistances, but meh… just use t2/faction

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