Eagle - Most underrated ship for abyssal space?

I’ve been doing some theory crafting and it seems to me that the eagle doesnt get much love for the new abyssal content.
Also with other HACs prices going up, it seems to me the eagle is a great choice?


Once upon a time there was a thread on the forum, where people, who spent days in Abyss on Sisi, shared their fits. Guess what ship won the race? The one, we do not see on Abyss killboard much. If you are good in digging through the forum, you can find the fit and how to use it. Also why Eagle fit is better, than Vagabond (faloff sucks in Abyss, you need optimal) or than afterburner Cerberus (you need too much time to position your ship so, that supressors do not kill your DPS).


Imo you do yourself a disservice if you try to theory craft one ship to do all of the sites.
Each environment is specifically tailored to 1 races ship.
It is best to pick one environment and then go through the levels
with the appropriate ship for each level repeatedly until you master each lvl and the tactics and challenges it introduces.
That way when you get to the hardest level environment you will have mastered your selected races ship, it’s capabilities and your responses to the different challenges that the consecutively harder lvls bring
if you use a caldari ship in an Amarr environment you are wasting your time and isk.
The whole Abyss is clearly designed to train us to properly use each races select PVE ship to the best of it’s ability.
I believe at the end of it all we will get to train the precursors to the best of their abilities too.


That’s what we thought at first too except it doesn’t work because some hacs are good and others are ■■■■.

For example deimos can do electrical just fine as can eagle or vagabond. but vagabond can fail at it’s own site gamma ray due to rat hp increases and dies to timer.

And for firestorm which is supposed to be gallente both deimos and ishtar can fail very badly inside again losing at the timer but an eagle or sacrilege will do better.

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The Ishtar is horrible. The Cerberus is “meh”. Some claim the Sacrilege is awesome (I have my doubts). The only ship that’s great right now in the vast majority of filaments is the Gila.

With the 500% hit point boost medium drones are impervious to everything, rapid lights with Faction melt any frigates or cruisers, passive tank upwards of 400 EHP/s - and it even has room for a smartbomb!

The T2 fit I’m running has 765 DPS cold without implants or boosters (and you don’t really need any). The only big expenditure is a pair of ‘Augmented’ Vespas and Faction medium EMP smartbomb. That and the medium core defense field purgers (which have gone through the roof).


I would argue :
Dark Matter Field:
Bonus to maximum velocity
Penalty to turret range Minmatar Munin/Broadsword

Plasma Firestorm:
Bonus to armor HP
Penalty to thermal resistance Gallente Deimos Phobos

Exotic Particle Storm:
Bonus to scan resolution
Penalty to kinetic resistance Vedmak (future t2 vedmak?)
Or maybe the Vedmak Battleship will end up ruling the day here

Electrical Storm:
Bonus to capacitor recharge
Penalty to EM resistance Amarr Zealot/Devoter

Gamma-Ray Afterglow:
Bonus to shield HP
Penalty to explosive resistance Caldari Eagle/Onyx
I believe the heavy interdictors are meant to be the lvl 5 heavy hitters and that ther’s no shortcuts, we have to know how to Fly the ships… not just how to fit them, and that if the appropriate ship is flown properly it will be the best suited for its environment

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I just watched a video where a guy kited a F5 with a Gila, so it’s less to do with resistances and more with your ability to apply and mitigate damage. And also choosing the right filament.

None of the HACs deliver enough damage to be able to kite from any kind of effective range. RLML fits can apply damage to anything, but the reload kills you against anything larger than cruisers and the automated defences chew them up. Heavy assault missiles are better - but then you’re screwed with swarms of smaller frigates.

HACs are also quite thin on the hit point side. The assault damage control is borderline useless (as is damage control in general, because if you dip into hull you’re pretty much screwed). 16 seconds is not really enough to survive anything.

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Many of us have done F4-F5 in various ships. The key is not if it can be done, but can it be done consistantly and reliably to the point where you can at minimum break even on losing ships + pods. And these are some hefty losses.

Just because you get a few good runs with nice spawns means nothing.


Honest question Arthur, but why do you think the Ishtar is so terrible? This one guy made a whole guide around it.


I haven’t done one of these sites and would like to hear your take on it.


@Eternal_Montage I did read that article as well, and I have tried a similar fit on SiSi with mixed results. A few counter points:

• Other than on a Gila, drones get just ripped to shreds. Even drone enhancer rigs can’t offset this.
• Heavy drones can’t hit anything smaller than battleships unless they’re webbed. When you drop to mediums you also lose most of your DPS in the process.
• Autocannons would probably be more effective than lasers and help conserve capacitor.

The majority of filaments won’t work with the Ishtar (especially F3 and higher): Dark, Firestorm and Gamma. Your drones won’t be able to hit anything in Dark - and Firestorm and Gamma buff the NPCs to the point where you start running out the clock trying to power through extra shields and armor.

It wasn’t indicated what implants or boosters were utilized (or recommended), but for F4 filaments it’s a given that a full pharmacy will be utilized (in addition to implants).

Everyone’s either on the Gila or Sacrilege train. Ironically the Gila is almost the same hull price as the Sacrilege by the time you add the medium core defense purgers…

There are other options short of dropping in excess of 5-billion in a heavy assault cruiser, high-grade implants and Deadspace fit. There are an excessive number of Gilas and Ishtars on zkill, so just something to keep in-mind.

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the gila has 1 big advantage over the ishtar the drone hp you can even use that hp and the smaller yet faster drones as a cheese tactic on the leshaks dip into 60km agro drones on target dip out wait for kill.Ishtars drones get killed off faster with this tactic .

The big disadvantage i had with gila was the biger signature made it really hitable by drifter battleships ,leshaks and drone bs .


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