Thank you CCP. Today I have my PvE ship in the unstable Abyssal Depths LEVEL 1 !!! have lost. I found it in the first pocket, encountering a ■■■■■■■ battleship, which of course took much more time to destroy. What the hell does this have to do in unstable Abyssal Depths Level 1 ??? You damn assholes are just building ■■■■. I pay a fee every month, so I have some fun and then something. I will not beg CCP for replacing the ship because it makes no sense and they just talk themselves out anyway. But I’ll think about spending more money on Eve Online. FY

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What ship? What was your fit? F1 sites, even those with battleships, should be pretty manageable.

at Zhilia Mann

My fitting has not been the problem. It was all Tech 2. With it I can fly almost all Combatsites without problems.

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Your fit almost certainly was the problem - thousands of people run Abyssal sites successfully every day. The fact that your T2 fit works in conventional sites is irrelevant - the Abyssal sites are not conventional.

There are discussions on the forums about fits for different “weather” and you can test fits at virtually no cost on Singularity.

Sure, but I could throw on a full rack of shield recharger IIs in the mids and CPR IIs in the lows and call it a T2 fit.

Abyss sites aren’t “normal” sites. What was your ship and fit? I’m sure we can help if you’re interested.

With my fit, I had no problem against the battleship. My shields were just scratched. The problem was that the 20 minutes were not enough. I only had 1 minute left for the last pocket because I needed too much time to destroy the battleship in Pocket 1.

"Plasma Firestorm
A space warp of the abyss burned by massive plasma firestorms. Ships in this area receive deductions for their thermal resistance and a bonus to armor HP. "

And when you hit a battleship with a 50% Armor bonus, everyone knows how difficult it is to destroy it quickly with a cruiser.

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Well, your fit only produces 250-260 dps and you know you’re on a time limit.

You could have loaded T2 Furys and gotten more dps out of it.

What happened to your drones? Did you lose them or why are they sitting in the cargo bay instead of the drone bay?

Hobgoblin T2 I had, because of the thermal damage. Even if I had taken the T2 Fury, the time would certainly not have been enough.

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Did you test that theory out on that? The higher dps you can get your ship, the faster you’ll get through.

Also, can I have your stuff if you quit?

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More DPS is always good, I know that too. But not in this case. What interests me is how much Armor had the thing.

If the frustration is over, I will certainly go on. Everyone knows the feeling.
You can not have my stuff until you loot my wreck …



I’d say you should stop going into the Abyss and first get better with your ship handling.

You lack significantly in DPS, your tank is a mix of shield buffer and active tank, which suggests you don’t fly your ships yet at their limit. Instead, you seem to sit behind the tank and nibble away at your opponents.

While Caldari ships are very forgiving for such a play style do you need to learn to run missions more aggressively. This means you need to fit less tank, learn to remove threats before you have to tank them, and move your style more towards killing stuff fast. So to speak, you’ll need to reach the next level where targets no longer own you, but you own them.

Once you got there can you start thinking of doing burner missions and the Abyss. As you can see does the Abyss know no forgiveness and you need to play on the same level.

at Whitehound

That’s right with the DPS, there’s more. You’re right. How would you fly the Caracal, with heavy rockets?

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I’m not big with missiles. I’m more of a turret guy and love the whole tracking and falloff mechanic. But if I would pick a Caracal then I would definitely change the tank and use the rigs for more dps and not for the tank.

Perhaps go for HAMs with web or target painter and flare/rigor rigs instead of RLML.

Thx Whitehound, I’ll think about that tomorrow … Good night and Fly save

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To me this seems to be a clear case of blindly going into things without doing the slightest bit of research and now you complain here, in hope of getting some sympathy?, sorry if I seem to be a little harsh but you have no one but yourself to blame. Had you done a little research you’d probably been better prepared and been able to run the site just fine.

There are plenty of threads on the topic of ships capable of running Abyssal Space.

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it’s called Heavy Assault Misile. However they require more CPU, not sure if you can.

However you can, fist, remove the useless rigs+ extenders . If you want to go LASB you can do that but I’m not sure if it can handle abyss …

[Caracal, *Peiper2016 0815's Caracal]
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Ballistic Control System II

10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Large Ancillary Shield Booster
Large Ancillary Shield Booster

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II

Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I
[Empty Rig slot]
Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier I

Inferno Fury Light Missile x100
Navy Cap Booster 200 x15
Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile x100

Maybe you need to dg a BCU to a meta, or even remove a solidifier and put a T2 overclock instead of the T1.
The important part here, is to switch to fury light missiles vs big things.

I think he got it already and is willingly to get better.

He just had to rant after a loss for something he thought would be as trivial as HS anomalies.

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Ok, I took a good look at your killboard and the ships you lost. You are suffering from a triple whammy here.

  1. Your ship choice is kinda bad. You need to fly ships that have better natural resits tailored to the abyssal weather. And regular vexor with split DPS drones / turrets ? That just ain’t gonna cut it. The Vexor Navy Issue is actually very good for the kinetic and thermal lvl 1 and lvl 2 sites.

  2. Your fits are bad, sorry but they are. Obviously you do not need to bling for the lowbie abyssals, T2 is just fine, but you gotta think a lot more about it. There is a big difference between the theoretical DPS that you get on the simulator, vs actual applied DPS, what lands. For example I see a complete lack of tracking on your weapons / drones. And you know that reload time on the RHMLs Cerberus … That will kill you guaranteed.

  3. Your execution is poor. When you zone into the abyss and your ship and overview loads up, you have about 5 seconds to analyze your targets and prioritize them, as well as the path you will take. In the next 5 seconds you need to be already going. This part is simply a need for more practice, thats all.

I’m going to give you some general tips which may help you out a bit, for fits and fit discussion, actually I suggest you had over to the test server sub forum and check out the threads there.

So here goes:

  1. Most NPCs in abyssal space are vulnreable to or take good damage from kinetic. Though not all. Some are better with explosive, also if you are doing electrical abyssal, then EM damage becomes very good as well enabling laser boats (but only for the electrical).

  2. Electrical abyssal is easiest because it gives extra cap thus extra active tank and this also makes it good to run in ships like zealot, phantasm, etc.

  3. Have some omni tank. Fly a ship tailored to weather, buffer the weather resist, but also have some omni tank because different spawns will do different damage types and some do omni. If you don’t have omni resits you will die to them or you will have to fly out of their range to rep, and then die to timer due to the time loss.

  4. Drones need 1.3+ tracking to be able to hit those super fast frigates once they get into orbit on you. You can manuever to string them a bit which makes them easier to hit, but again, don’t go too far or you will end up dying to teh timer.

  5. Know when to overheat your prop mod. This is absolutely critical. if you don’t you will die to timer. Also pick the correct prop mod in your fits so that it can actually take some overheating before it poops out on you.

  6. know when to fly into the supressors, and into the tracking buff towers. these are the instance mechanics. This is part of what you assess during that 1st 5 seconds as everything loads up, you see what kinda spawn you got and you eitehr had for it immediately or had elsewhere immediately.

  7. For active tank, you will need about 60-70 hitpoints per second, minimum for a lvl 2 site, this has to be cap stable and you gotta be able to take some neuts on top of that. For lvl 3+ you can go double rep and have your primary be the steady while your secondary be the biggie that does not need to be fully stable.

  8. Know when to overheat your tank and weapons. Again critical.

  9. Carry nanopaste to rep your heat damaged modules and know when and how to use it. If you jsut use it wildly mid combat, you will die.

  10. Carry more then 1 ammo / drone type. In particular, to kill small and large targets. So high precision and high DPS.

  11. Know when to burn straight at a battleship or a group of them ignoring all else straight out of the gate. This is again going to that 1st 5 seconds. If you make a wrong choice you will die along the way, if you don’t do it when you should have, the battleship will eitehr repair itself too much or move out of bounds and you’ll be screwed cause either one of those will cause you to die due to timer even though you will still kill the battleship(s).

There is a ton more of course, you really need to read up some of the other threads and watch some videos. learn the instance mechanics, pay particular attention to weather effects and choose a ship and fit for that weather.


Abyss is very dangerous pve did no one tell you?!

OP I hope you get better at abyss running. How people can gank you after you exit the abyss if you never make it to the exit? :smiling_imp: