AMA-abyssal tactical information

I have spent some 150-200 hours inside the new abyssal dungeons up until they became live on TQ I have learned snippets of patterns and behaviour within the npcs that even devs haven’t exploited properly in their own tests.

I have provided feedback wishing for the content to be engaging yet fair keeping in mind what both average and top players are capable of.

Below add any pressing questions you may have and I will try to provide as helpful an answer as I can.


Try and get some :sunny:



What is with those AMAs, there is one arganized by CCP too.

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This is a very generic question, but one that I think would be a good starting point:

When abyssal dungeons were announced, I ran a few to try them out but back then it was only T1 and there were a lot of NPCs missing. I’m sure things have changed a lot since. Could you give a quick summary of ships and quality of fits that you think would be acceptable for different tiers?

Ex.: T1 seemed to be pretty easy even in T1 cruisers, but I don’t know if that is still the case and I am wary of “wasting” a filament by going in undershipped.

Something like:
T1: T1 cruisers with T2 fits, all pirate cruisers and HACs
T2: pirate cruisers and HACs except drone boats (ishtars and sacrilege). Make sure you fit XYZ (web? large cap battery? Afterburner?)
T3: Gila or HACs. Phantasm can do electric ones
T4: Gila or [selection of HAcs], need at least X
T5: Don’t even bother, but if you want to throw away good ships and pods, try X.

Extra internet cookies for info on weather as well.

Edit: also, wtf does AMA stand for?

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Not much interested in that expecting alot of hopping around the real issues.

AMA stands for ask me anything.

Currently with the state the npcs are in I’d split ship types as follows.

T1cruiser with t2 fit decent skills (4&5) plus moderate knowledge of the npcs for tier1 or any better type of ship faction/pirate/hac.

Tier2 pirate faction or hac t2 fit again with some understanding of rat capabilities.

Tier3 hac with medium implants 3% hardwirings cheap faction mods that improve your fit(faction hardener or cheap deadspace so on)also add drugs exile or blue pill by case atleast standard or stronger and pyromancea agency booster.

Tier4 hac with atleast midgrade asklepians/crystal set plus best in slot tank propulsion,web,max skills 5% hardwirings,drugs atleast improved blue pill or exile,atleast 700-750 dps before heat,very hard to neut double battery or double injector or battery plus injector preferable capless weapon system.

Tier5 currently unbalanced overall

Note also for added awareness and your safety in tier3 and up you have to recognise npcs what they do by their names what’s their potential speed neuting power dps etc everything must be known beforehand for your own safety

The 3 most important modules inside the sites are prop mod,stasis webifier and a capacitor source either battery and rely on regen or injector


1051 dps tank cold should do the trick for these, right?
1354 hot, 5008 hot with ADCU, in case you ask.

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The npcs inside can do variable damage currently most threatening are the triglavians also keep in mind you can come up against quite heavy neuting starting from tier 3 and up for example a 4 starving leshak can neut 2400 capacitor every 24 sec up to 50km

Just trying to facetank everything won’t always work

If I were to think of highest potential dps spawn a leshak group fully charged up could do aprox 2500 dps in tier 5 about 1800-2000 in tier 4 half those numbers initially tho keep in mind triglavians damage goes up the longer they shoot you so about 900 to 1200 initial dps in tier 4 and 5 less in lower tiers as the number of rats increses with tier level

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Got it.
Are the trig battleships very tanky? I only get around 550 dps cold.

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As you enter the site they are badly damaged and easy to kill however they all begin repairing another battleship so the entire group starts gaining armor .It is a good idea to begin atacking them right away killing as many as possible once they reach max armor they begin all repairing the one you are focusing and you may find you can’t kill them anymore.

So start of site their rr is split up,let them gain max armor and they will focus rr


Ah, thanks :slight_smile:

What would you suggest as a trusty, reasonably price ship to get used to things (ie start at T1, eventually move on to T2 then T3)?

I’m thinking deimos for kinetic and thermal, muninn for EM and explosive. Both ships match damage and natural resists well with weather. Mostly T2 fit, adaptive armor hardener, ADC, Republic large cap battery, web, still not sure between AB and MWD… HACs have the sig bonus, but the cap effect still seems pretty bad given all the neuting to be expected…

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Deimos can have both mwd and ab and you can use each for when it is required just not both at once mwd to close in ab to dodge hits when in upclose fights.

Deimos was also one of my hull choices despite the blatant resist benefits ships like eagle and deimos can do their job fine in the exp site or em site

Be wary of the firestorm site tho its weather is most unfavourable the triglavians also deal thermal dmg and they are heavy armor tankers you can find yourself in a losing battle against them easily in firestorm

My deimos midslot choice was ab large battery medium cap injector web


Yeah, the +EHP weathers seem not great, especially firestorm… But I figured at least up to T3 they should be manageable. I’ll probably cherry-pick weathers when starting (EM in an EMP muninn seems to be the most forgiving)

Interesting idea on the dual-prop. I’ve never done that.

Any thoughts on the muninn actually?

Also, ancillary armor rep if running dual-rep? Nanite paste also to repair heat damage on modules or is there no time for that?

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I do not favour ancillary reps of any kind also never even looked at the munnin it just seems like a subpar ship in my opinion

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Interesting, I would have thought that capless guns, EM damage and large EM resists would make it a good one for the EM weather.

Thanks for all the answers!

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Vagabond is king.

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I’m not used to flying minmatar ships, so I must be missing something.

The vagabond is a ship bonused to shield boosting, but with only 4 mid slots, with at least two going to a web and a prop mod, I can’t see how that’s supposed to work. Same number of turrets, lower damage bonus. Sure falloff is better for autocannons, but optimal + tracking is pretty good too.

Yeah, it’s a ship I don’t get at all. An armor tanked muninn with a RAH to adapt to whatever the pocket throws at you is a lot more intuitive to me.

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With vaga you can ab kite the rats so web isn’t needed a good slot layout would be booster ab injector invul or specific res penalty hardener but if stick to invul and heat it against triglavians

You need to identify and kill any small webing stuff fast tho or not let them catch you

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I used vagabond in Sisi, but I found out, that triglavian BS spawn will simply not let you fill the timer. You do not have tank to slow down to keep you guns in optimal. If they are not in optimal, you lack DPS to finish BS quick enough and lose the timer. Munins bonus to optimal helps very little here. So I stay with Eagle fit, posted a while ago. Vagabond has no problem to kill up to 3 triglavians BS, but as soon as you have 5 +, you are doomed.

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what even IS that?!!