Input for T4 Firestorm & Dark

Hello - I’m looking for a “chill” fit for T4 firestorms and T4 darks. Right now im doing T5s in an Ishtar but its a lot of drone management which is very annoying. So kind of want to do T4 Fire and darks sometimes in a more relaxing ship to basically blitz them. What do you all more experienced abyssal players recommend from the ships below. All my skills for these ships are maxed out.

  • Ikutursa
  • Gila
  • Vaga

Im kinda leaning toward the Ikitursa because of the coolness factor and armor bonus. Any input would be welcome. Thanks

Check out this discord. Sure the guys there can help you out.

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Why do people like discord so much???. I’ve installed Discord (again) and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I’ve finally got an account to register after having to create new email address’s after failing to find a way to delete previous attempts at getting this bug infested pile of code to work. But I can’t post anything in your Abyssal Lurkers Discord Server because the link used to verify my account dose not work. No matter how many times I hit that dratted button no emails arrive in my inbox!

Are their any other resources available that I can join where I can talk to people and learn a bit about fits and get info on the Abyss?


Well, I’m not familiar with most email services, but I know that verification emails can sometimes end up in promotions or spam on gmail. So, you might try poking around.

Also, I love discord, and have had very few problems with it. Dunno if I’m lucky, or you’re unlucky.

Anyway, check out the following links. Aceface has videos about other stuff, but he has a ton of abyss videos. So, you should be able to find something that works for you.

Thank you, I have tried several fits. I’m so disappointed in the Ikitursa. Even with maxed out skills, it has serious issues with time. Apparently, as usual, the Gila and the Ishtar outperform it in firestorms as well. I have a 2 cap bat, dual repper setup with web, but the DPS is sadly lacking. I dont even want to attempt T5 firestorms, as with the T4s I have often 2-3 minutes left.

Can you link your fit for the Ishtar please? I’m flying Gilas and Vagas in T3 and some T4 but I’m struggling with reliability.

Most likely its my lack of skills / competence but I’d like to eliminate the fit as a possibility

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