Tier 5 Abyssal Vedmak Fit?

Anybody have a reliable Vedmak fit for running tier 5 (Firestorm) abyssals? I’ve tried a few fits but but usually it either doesn’t tank enough, or I have enough tank with something like a dual rep fit but killing stuff is slower without more dps.

Any other tips such as manual flying? I’m using an AB fit currently but its difficult to kite anything unless using a MWD.

There’s a reason firestorm filament are cheap and it’s not higher drop rate

I’m curious to see T5 Vedmak fits in general. I didn’t think they could handle that high up since they’re just T1 / Faction hulls. I thought to run T5s you needed the most blinged out T2 and an assload of drugs.

Well I used to do T5 exotics with a gila with relatively cheap 1.7B fit/implants till a 10s internet disconnect lost both :`(… I probably could have skipped the implants and gotten to down to a 800-900M fit and still run them just fine after mastering them.

I’m wanting a new challenge and really want to make the vedmak work since I’ve started my triglav training but I can’t play it the same way you do with the gila. Chaotic exotics are getting super expensive and firestorms are dirt cheap.

T5 fire in general are difficult in general for every ship, Vedmak is actually one of the ones that can do them easiest due to its natural resist profile as well as damage type.

For Vedmak you will need Asklepian implants and decent boosters, standard + hardshell minimum, otherwise your rep won’t be able to keep up. Fill the rest of your implant slots with cap, turret ROF and armor HP implant. I have used a few fits for it and here is one of them below. Fit wise you will need to tailor it to your playstyle and what you like and alter it. Play to your strengths. You will need bling. A-type AB, don’t screw around with the prop mod, faction battery(ies), A-type rep(s), at least b-type EANMs, I’d go A-type but they are just too expensive. For the implants, mid grade is bare minimum, you can scale up from tehre as your wallet affords.

For kiting I OH the AB for 2-3 cycles, as well as for closing in with battleships. I do not recommend MWD as that negates one of Vedmaks strongpoints of having relatively high base movement with relatively low sig.

You have to speed tank in a Vedmak. Keep about 20km distance and use Mystic as default ammo, except other Vedmaks, against other Vedmaks you need 25-30 km. NPC Vedmaks hit up to 24km, you do not need to completely avoid their fire, but you can not let them fully spool up and continue hitting you. You can use orbit or manual piloting, on targets other then NPC Vedmaks you can actually go a lot closer and just use Occult as long as you can maintain the transversal and stay out of web/neut range. When closing in with battleships do so at an angle, retain at least 270 transversal, 350+ will make you take relatively little damage but it will take you a lot longer to get into range.

On dual rep fits. Have one rep as cap efficient as you possibly can and always on, the 2nd one a big rep and use only when you need it. Do not run both at once too much.

DPS vs tank. You can go with 2 sinks and eitehr dual rep or a second EANM or 3 sinks. On 2 sinks you will be pushing the 20 minute timer if you get too many battleships in all 3 rooms. 3 sinks obviously gives you a lot of DPS that can chew through that extra armor like butter, especially in fire, but the speed tank becomes critical.

Drones keep thermal in fire filament.

Tracking comp vs web. I like tracking comp better but a lot of people prefer the web. The tracking comp I can leave always on and forget about it and there is no efficiency lost due to missed web cycles etc. It does however mean that sometimes I have to retarget to a further target or peel out so I can get a bit more straight line, which for me is not an issue as I am pretty good at maintaining range, transversals, etc. and I end up doing it anyways as default part of that. if you do use web, obviously use a faction one.

Batteries. I actually like using twin batteries, 1 Thukker and 1 Thurifer, but you can change the Thurifer out for a booster. The problem with booster is that charges take up too much cargo space, so between the ammo and the booster charges that limits your loot capacity, thus income quite a bit, especially if you run multiple sites in a row. It is up to you where you want to proceed with this. IMHO the booster is actually better, but like I said, then I end up with too little room to the point where it kinda defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place. If you plan to dock up after every single site this is less of an issue, but if you want to do them in a row, then forget it. Dual batteries also provide more cap resistance, with a stacking penalty of course, but still pretty good.

Upper utility. The remote rep is jsut for some misc drone reps, the tractor beam is actually useful both for the main cache as you can pull the wreck towards you eitehr as you are heading to the gate or anotehr point or on drill site wrecks. The NOS is only really useful vs drifter and drone battleships, lets you refill your cap a bit, otherwise it has no point.

Things of note, don’t just jump into T5 fire straight, try out electrical T4 then fire T4 first. You should not need Asklepian implants for the T4s, just go with generic cap and turret implants. Once you have fire T4s on farm and have completed spawn variations including battleships in all rooms, full neut etc, then move onto T5s. The mechanics are the same, jsut more NPCs and with some more HP and damage.

Target priority is web/neut, target painters, disruptors, NPC Vedmaks, everything else. Caveat here, if the neuts are coming only from frigates or its just 1-2 cruiser size NPCs it drops in priority as you do have a bit of time to get to them. You only need to thin them out to keep up your cap, not completely eliminate them, whereas webs you need to destroy right away and even 1 can mess you up really hard. Target painters and sig increasing clouds will make you take a lot of extra damage.

Here are 2 videos of T5 vedmaks, 1 is fire, 1 is dark, check them out, and they are both from time before Abyss NPCs got toned down, so its actually easier now.

Here is the fit, try it out on T4s, adjust it to your liking, for cost reduction you can look through and use Abyssal modules instead of deadspace / faction, up to you.

[Vedmak, *V3 Abyss]

Reactive Armor Hardener
Corelum B-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Corpum A-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II

Thukker Large Cap Battery
‘Thurifer’ Large Cap Battery
Tracking Computer II
Corelum A-Type 10MN Afterburner

Heavy Entropic Disintegrator II
Small Remote Armor Repairer II
Small Tractor Beam II
Small Energy Nosferatu II

Medium Nanobot Accelerator II
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Hobgoblin II x5
Hammerhead II x5

Tracking Speed Script x1
Occult M x1000
Mystic M x 1000
Meson Exotic Plasma M x500
Nanite Repair Paste x130


Wow this is fantastic… I will digest this and post back after giving it a go!

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