Calm firestorm

Yo, been trying some calm firestorms and im wondering if i could min max it more?
Currently using a Caracal since thats where most my skills are at.
current fit is using
t2 rlml with Inferno fury lm
x3 bcs t2
x2 hornets

what can i do to get faster runs/dps wise?
tank seems fine, went:
Large shield ext. t2 x2
adapt inv t2
thermal amp t1
med defense field extender x2
med anti-thermal screen

Bumping with drops from 20 calm firestorms
survey 250
zero-point condensate 153
3 fierce
13 agitated
19 calm
Kikimora bp x1
Battlecruiser skillbook x1
Decayed medium ap mutaplasmid x1
Decayed large ap mutaplasmid x1

Note that survey and condensate depends alot on if you loot the nodes aswell, wich i did not cuz of the time it takes. theese runs were more for checking the cache.

As someone that tried to do various ships in abyssals I highly recommend just cutting to the chase and picking up a Gila. it’s ability to do these over other ships is just obscene. Depending on the fit you’ll be able to pump out agitated or fierce as easy as a calm.


I refuse to use the Gila on general principal.


If you do calms just use a frigate solo and get triple drop

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I was the same way. I was determined to use a Vedmak, then I turned to the darkside… they have cookies.

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