Calm, agitated and maybe Fierce

I have done a little abyssal running in my gila, mostly tier 3 and was hoping to get in to the frigate sites and fly with friends. Until recently my friends list was very low, so I resorted to soloing calm and agitated sites in a blingy worm.
Now that I have people willing to run with me I’m looking for advice/fit options for me and my homies.
Many of my potential partners are alphas and I expect to carry a bit while introducing them to and helping them with “new” content.
Im on my phone now so I cant link fits, but I was thinking a blingy damavik with local reps and remote reps to bolster my newbie buddies as my current worm does work, but ends up making them feel left out I think.
So does anyone have any suggestions for calm/agitated filament fits for t1/faction frigates. Both alpha friendly and not would be appreciated.
Also, am I on the right track with a damavik for a “carry” frigate?

Any and all advice would be greatly apprecoated, I’m having a blast introducing newbeans to the Abyss!

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Well, I don’t engage in the Abyssal content so the only thing I can suggest is maybe try a google search for ship fits.

Other than that, good luck to you and your newbie friends.

There are a few fits listed on this webpage.

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Your answer to this will very wildly depending on which filament you are planning to run, what skills they have, and their level of proficiency. My best answer would be to align on if you want to do shield or armor, then just take cheap stuff in there and “get comfortable” with the ships. The frigate cost losses are minimal so it’s a great training platform to go in and loose some ships. Once you find a groove with T1s move to T2s and repeat.

As far as a carry goes, frigate abyssals have a much wider range thanks to application not being a massive issue. A Nergal is a great target for carry because while your team takes out the adds you can focus fire on ramp for tearing down the big stuff. In general your focus should be on fun and encourage people to take what they want as long as it aligns to the filament type your are doing.

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