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Hi all,

anyone could share fittings for the abyss new content?

thanks all for helping --)

Are you an Alpha or Omega? And what is your skillset? (III, IV or V?)

Omega, level V principal skills

could fly caldari / gallente / amarr cruiser V, HAC and RC at IV


Did you read this thread? There is a number of hints and fits.
Main problem is , that there is no fit, that will save you. It is experience with different spawns, that will make a difference. Kiting MWD Zealot or Deimos Dark’s style or real man eagle brawler Loreline’s style … Does not matter what you choose, if you will get absolutely surprised by NPC.

F1 filament (calm) » T1 hulls
F2 filament (agitated) » T2/Pirate hulls
F3 filament (fierce) » T2/Pirate hulls
F4 filament (raging) » T2 hulls
F5 filament (chaotic) » T2 hulls

Any fits that can survive 3-5 neuting Leshaks? For T3 sites…

Yep. Surviving that spawn isn’t the issue; running out of time is.

the issue i keep running into is that you have to fit tank in t3+ but also have to have consistent 6-700 dps in order to run the rooms fast enough. ran out of time OR didnt have enough tank running a high dps ship so far.

I’m running the F1-F3 filaments in under 12 minutes (F1s currently take about 5 minutes). DPS is key. If you’re not dealing in excess of 800+ DPS you’re going to find these a slugfest.

What about an 8 BS spawn? I had one on SISI and popped outright.

Yes, I managed to survive the dreaded 8-battleship spawn. That was in a F5 filament.

How many of those were neuting you? What ship, what fit?

4 neuts - they actually alpha-neuted me as soon as they locked on. The other 4 were remote rep’ing, webbing and target painting my a**.

You can kinda compensate for the lower DPS. Make your fit for around 450-550 DPS, just 2 damage mods, match ship type and its main weapon system to the instance. For example Phantasms and Zealots do great in electrical, Deimos does super in the kinetic and thermal, etc. This way you can jsut concentrate on the otehr stuff.

Speed for me needs to be minimum 750+, 800+ is better. AB, no MWD, MWD causes too much damage cause of sig bloom, double that if trying to close in with battleships.

The NPC ships and drones take a lot of extra damage. There are also clouds that give resist penalties, but its difficult to manuver them into the clouds, often too time consuming.

So don’t use same ships for different instances, or at least adapt their fits. Personally I try to match the main resist of a ship to the resist penalty while making sure my weapons can shoot the ammo type to take advantage of the said penalty. This gets me both better tank and actual applied DPS.

on swarms, jsut had straight for your nearest tower thingy, regardless if its tracking support or automata supressor. Orbit it at short range until everythign is killed. If you don’t have any sort of support structure due to spawn RNG, kill the bigger drones and the ones that are not targetting you. Those are the ones reppign the otehr drones.

In a mixed spawn of cruisers + frigs + drones, or cruisers + frigs, kill the cruisers 1st, especially the trig ones as their damage grows with time. Ignore the rest, use your spike tank, anciliary, ADC or whatever else you have, once the cruisers are down then work on the rest.

On BS groups, burn at them, overheat for about 3-4 cycles but do NOT go in a straight line. Do a sort of gentle spiral towards them so you retain transversal. Once there stay in close orbit, they can’t track you and you can switch to short range ammo for extra DPS to kill them faster.

Any ship will fail sooner or later in the 4 or 5 lvl filament I think.
I think sites are constructed in a way that randomly pushes the dangers of three ecounters to surpass capabilities of any fit available.

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