Alpha Incursus for tier 0 Firestorm site

Hi all, I have a range of Alpha friendly abyss guides, the biggest challenge here was getting 3 of the same filament type right now!
I think these new level abyss sites will be a great way for new players to dip their toe into the abyss and learn some more advanced piloting techniques compared to other available pve and the ISK is pretty good too.
The new Edencom / Concorde spawns are also a nice variation for more experienced players.
I will be running other frigates as I get the filaments for them xD

Tier 0 Tranquil Firestorm Abyss First Frigate Run! Alpha Blaster Incursus

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Anyone have idea how they are distributed? I know you get few running actual T0 abyss. But considering that even after few days supply is so crappy. I don’t think it’s from data sites, or drop rate is terribly wrong.

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It is still hard to get them and the prices are crazy. Some tier 0 site drop other filament types but not these ones!?.. I didn’t see any on a data site yet but I think they are spawning in them, can’t think where else the odd ones on the market would be coming from…?

I mean, they drop in t0 abyss. But only there. Not in t1 or above. As far as I know. CCP did terrible job at distributing these

I have done tier 0 site with no tier0 tags on them at all, just cruiser pvp tags, extra weird xD
Gammas and Electric don’t even seem to hit the market at all, 5 total for sale of the other sites in Dodixie region still, cheapest 1,.5mil :rofl:

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