T1 Abyss very cheap fits

Hi guys,
could any of you recommend me some very cheap fits for T1 abyssal deadspace?
(if possible under 20-25 mln)

This guy has a lot of video for alpha clones fits for the abyss.
He has many videos about specific fits, but I thought Iā€™d share a video for progressing into that activity

Maybe just cut your isk earning expectation by 2, if not by 3ā€¦ Especially if you have lower skills (kill slower because of low dps, need time to repair/recharge shield/capacitor before jumping to next rooms). Youtubers in general rarely take into account the cost of the filaments, and/or the time spent to travel in/out of the abyss, and the wait timer after finishing one, and maybe the time to dock and unload your loot in between filaments (if the tier you are doing is very easy for you, you may not need to unload too often)

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