Vedmak abyssal fit

any cookie cutter vedmak fits out there?
with purpose of clearing highest possible filament tier

Vedmak isn’t suited for high tier abyss sites

im sure its capable of doing t3
what would be the best fit for that? i just want a pattern that ill know how to build in the future
what do people use for pve, especially for abyss sites on their vedmaks

And yet… they live there. What does that say about the stats we were given? =)

I really feel like they should have gotten a Role bonus towards Abyssals. Like a reduction in penalties, or something. “While in Abyssal Deadspace…” something something.

That is false. Here is a dude doing even a T5 Dark in a Vedmak

Personally I’m not that brave, vedmaks are very well suited for Fire and Electrical filaments and excel at both which I have done. They do play differently though and require speed tanking and kiting skills to be good and they are very active ships in general and you have to be on the ball with ammo switches between mystic and occult.

do u keep ramped up disintegrator damage when switching between ammo? i mean like, use long range ammo and ramp up asap and when u close the gap with your target switch to high dmg short range ammo.

No, it only keeps ramping up while it’s firing. If you stop firing, it resets.

It loses ramp up but its kinda irrelevant. For small targets they all die before you’re ramped up anyways, for big ones it doesn’t really make enough of a difference.

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