Impossible Vedmak Damage in Abyss

I Lost my Broadsword in a T4 Electrical.
My Shield Resistance Profile was 81% Th and 78% Expl.
Vedmak hits at 250 Dmg with Penetrates (1.000 - 1.250 mod) Immediately.
A Vedmak with 5 Disintegration sinks can do 350 DMG with Tetryons at BEST.
To Be able to produce 250 dmg per hit with my resistance profile that Vedmak should have done
450 DPS!!!

After a while at 9:40 I received as wrecking shot of 1250 dmg… or 420 DMG X3…
That is 760 DPS… after less than one minute that the shooting began.
To be able to pull up that dmg it would have needed a spool up of 125%, and
it would have needed at least 1:40 minutes to do that.

The shooting began at 8:45, and that wrecking shot came exactly 1 minutes after.
There is at least 30 seconds of Spool up missing.
It’s not possible for a Vedmak to do that kind of damage with only 1 min spool up.

How in the world is this possible??/ It seems to me this time the AI has been cheating.
There is no other explanations.

didnt they say NPC spool ups were reduced to between 10-30 seconds for full

Idk. Never heard of it. It seems highly unbalanced. Full spool up would mean 875 Dps per Vedmak, and 500-600 per Dramavik, or 5700 DPS, counting 8 Dramavik and 2 Vedmak. This is absolute nonsense.

10 sec full spool up I call it cheating. We should have reactive shield or Assault dmg with 3 minutes spool down and 10 sec reactivation delay at this point.

I’m losing real ships, this and a Vedmak just a week ago in a T3. This is not fun.

If it is so, the Draugur also would explain my death in a T3… 8 Draugur wave at full spool up what is it?? 4800DPS??? Are we serious???

This is completely and utterly broken, how is it that immediate Triglavian NPC spool up didn’t cause a mass protest or went unnoticed???

Well from what I heard the players wanted a challenge and voted for this.

That’s exactly how Abyssal Space is intended to work. You are not supposed to have risk-free, always reliable cakewalks through this experience. You are supposed to encounter impossible tasks and as a result also lose your ship every now and then. Originally, it was supposed to be even harder and even more unforgiving but CCP caved to the instance loving hypercrabs that even put the biggest supercrabs in null sec to shame.


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That is making Triglavian ships OP without player knowing.

That is voting for a resolution without the player knowing.

You do not fly Abyss, or care about the problem otherwise you would not talk like this.

Tomorrow I could vote for a special Jovian NPC ship that blows up ALL Upwell structures,
You would not know where it came from. Who blew up your structure, and be poor the next morning.

This is NOT about Abyss!

The only risk free Abyss is T0… Never has been risk free Abyss…
Not Even T0 is risk free in frigates…
This is about CHEATING THE AI!

you could have done a lot better in that room. you already figured out that the damage gets quite high if you let the trigs spool up, especially in higher tiers. its all about dps tank in those rooms. you mistake was to fly straight in to them. you should have burnt away, to get some more time before the vedmaks connect, so you can deal with a few td damaviks first, because they made you apply bad and fail the dps race against the vedmaks. module and heat management has also room for improvement.

stop complaining, if you want easymode cheat your way through the abyss with gila/ishtar/stormbringer


You watched the video? Did you make the calculations?

That is Immediate Spool UP, 450DPS plain on first round!!\


You want to side with CCP? Fine! Gotcha!

Same applies to this wave of Kikimora…
Insane Spool UP!

My Vedmak had about 80% Th and EXpl Resist… Do the calculations!!
First round 137 dmg!
Kikimora DMG is 134!!! with 80% Resist it should have been 250 DPS!!!

And how often do you experience such a wave? You are crying wolf because you have a few insignificant difficulties in an instanced PVE environment that was supposed to be difficult and unpredictable from the start. Be glad that CCP sided with you and didn’t push harder for this initial design philosophy.


what a pathetic strawman. i dont want to side with anyone, i came in to give you some advice.

i watched the second video and its clear that you lack knowledge (general and abyss related). now you can either try to learn from your mistakes, or keep bitching and feed more ships to the abyss

again, you run straigt in to the kikimoras, like a sheep in to the slaughterhouse.
you reseted their damage only once and per accident.
orbiting the the can is lazy piloting and was not the best play.
you messed up ammo and script choice and reseted your spool for that reason.
you said your fit was cap stable? i bet that was with both nos on in the simulation.
reps are more efficient hot, but you burnt all your charges cold.
if you die without any heat damage you did it wrong.

those are just the most obvious points, i could probably find more if i watch it again.


So you saw the first hit at 140 dmg?
If so I give you a couple of stats.

Kikimora base dmg wirth Tetryon is 150 DPS. +150% is 375 DPS.

375 DPS - 80% Vedmak Th+Expl Average resistances = 75 DMG.

650 DPS - 80% = 130 DMG.

Now I don’t care what you think is right, to kite, to brawl, etc.
You don’t do THE MATH.

GO back to school kid and stop annoying me.

Ok, show me a Kikimora fit that can do 650 DPS.
If you can not do it, don’t worry.
This is not unpredictability. This is CHEATING.
It’s crystal clear, you just need to do the math.
EVERY Triglavian wave start FULL SPOOL,
and with BASE stats that CAN NOT BE.

This has been the case since two week, after Fanfest.
Never before I died to Triglavians in such CREAMPIES ways.

Good, then CCP finally did something again that they promised to do from the start: constantly and randomly change up the things in Abyss to make it harder to farm in safety and to make it less reliable and predictable. Took them long enough.


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Randomly you says?
700 DPS Kikimora is not Random, it’s Impossible!!!
They screwed up something.

what a nice guy, has bad manners and a bad understanding of the game mechanics. maybe you can just stop being a scrub in both, or at least try to?

first you have to learn about turret mechanics. calculating dps based on a high quality hit? lul
Turret mechanics - EVE University Wiki

here you can get the correct npc stats
Striking Kikimora - EVE Online Reference (

you should also take the weather penalty and the rah in to account, since he was still aligned from the previous room

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CCP has made it very clear at fanfest that they will stay very ambiguous and provide as little detail to changes they make. Been like this for a long time. When you launch abyssals you accept that risk for 20mins or less.

We all expect abyssal to change slightly especially in t4 and up for sure. I say t4 and up because t3-t0 is easy.

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Man 700DPS kikimora is not fair. They can say or not say what they want!
This is affecting also T0-T3 if you haven’t understood yet!!

It’s like a new Triglavian Clade just hit the ground, a Clade with T1 hulls but T2 stats or even more…
It wouldn’t be bad if actually we could get at least a mini Scope report on these new variants!

Do some paperwork instead of posting ref…
Try it yourself.
Why You keep saying I’m wrong but you can not make a single calculation based on my video
proofs? You have no base to keep it going, yet you keep it going and want the upper hand.
Sorry. It doesn’t work like that.
I did the Math.
It’s correct within maybe 5% - 10% error.

I did the caluclations on This AceFace video of Retribution where he is facing a Kikimora.

Do you think I did them right or do you still thinks I am doing something wrong??

This fit average Th 46% penetrating shots 1.000-/1.25 mod. of 250dmg… 175 is 70% thermal and 75dmg to 30% Ex. With Resists added back its 269+138=407 Dps… or between 300 and 400DPS because of Penetrates modifier. DPS on this one seems to be in scale and not exxagerated.

i took me a while until i got a kikimora room. i tested with a polarized fit and as you can see, all hits were within the correct tresholds

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umm dude I have not even betten one of these but I’ll tell you this if my punisher can not die to one of those for 5 minutes with almost no rigs you’re just lazy Punisher | Mindahouf Davaham | Killmail | zKillboard