Who and When voted for Trigl NPC full spool up in 10 sec?

I want to know when there has been a votation to change the Triglavian NPC Spool Up time to reduce it to 10 secs. All Abyssal Triglavian waves are completely and utterly broken, unbalanced.

When it happened.
How was it communicated to all the players.
Where were the results of the votation published.
Who proposed this nonsense and why??? To what avail???

A similar change, would require to inform Abyss runners, that they should be able to tank
5000 DPS in T3, and 6000 DPS in T4’s, T1, T2, T5, T6 also would need some calculations
so people do not suicides!!

Does CCP realize a 10 Triglavian wave in T3-T4 full spool up almost immediate means
5-6000 DPS??? at 90% Resist it would still be 600hp/s to tank??? In Cruisers???

If it’s been voted, this means T3’s are off-limit to solo ships!!
It’s not a problem, but people should know about this!!!
How this happened without everybody being noticed???

Ccp doesnt always tell players what happened. In the 19 yrs of eve they still believe in having the players figure stuff out. That is the challenge of eve is figuring out what works if the meta changes


Stay focused. I dont care what happened in 19 years of Eve.
I have been here for 11 years and I never saw anything quite like this…
I want to know when this vote happened, someone must have voted.
If not. If it was internal in CCP, and no players was involved, it should
have been posted in some patch report.
Otherwise this game is no more about tactical combat, but every single stat for ships, missions, etc,
could be whatever from one day to another…
AND it’s not some normal discovery, this plain cheating!!!

Imagine that tomorrow Upwell structure would half their defence if a special NPC ship
no-one knows what it does, would kill the Upwell in one shot…

Of course, it could be a super Jovian ship that is part of the mistery of the game…
But could you imagine the rage if thousands of billiions of assets would go bloop in one night???

This is the same, except its Abyss Solo players who are paying the toll…

@Brisc_Rubal @CCP_Aurora @Mike_Azariah

CSM Mike_Azaria??? So it was CSM players vote???

What else did they vote???

Can they also explain 44km Neutralizer Leshak range??
Do they use X-type Neutrilizers???

I was tagging rhem to see what they know. Damn dude calm the ■■■■ down

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You think the CSM has any input on everyday game design decisions like NPC damage and health? The only thing that decides that is CCP’s perception/calculation of the risk/reward ratio for content.

If you carebears didn’t farm out the entire game like you have blinders on, they wouldn’t be nerfing your income all the time. Maybe next time you log in to “make some iskies” like you do every single day of your life, despite your wallet already being absolutely chock-full of them, you should instead fit a cruiser and go try to shoot another player instead so you don’t inject a bunch more unnecessary stuff into the economy and make CCP think that they need to implement even more “fixes”.


Absolute? Fixes?


Calm down?
I have just tagged them also…
Did I say THEY did it?


I appreciate your help. Dont want to expose yourself? Play Safe? Fine…

You’re real-life panicking because they’re impacting your ability to wage-slave an imaginary spaceship video game income. Think about that for a second.

You guys are your own worst enemies. You have a hard time grasping that your penchant to consume is gong to result in blow-back. And in no aspects of EVE’s content has this been historically more evident than high-sec incursion and abyssal deadspace farming, two of the safest, most profitable activities to ever exist in this game.

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You dont fix Abyss by CHEATING Triglavian NPC stats.

Yuo want to fix Abyss?
Fine, put 35 Damavik ,16 Vedmak in a room, there is your fix.

ppl will know to not go against a wall of Damavik or it will die.

Cheat the SPOOL UP i s WRONG.

You are WRONG.

NO means NO.

Now or you get it, or you dont.
I can’t help yourself.

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Of course you do. This content was made for three people, and you’re soloing it.

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Is it possible to run t1 abyssal sites with a single worm? - PvE Gameplay Center / PvE Ships & Modules - EVE Online Forums

Calm Abyssal solo frigate – Who needs a fleet when you can Worm it! - Alpha Orbital (alpha-orbital.com)

It doesn’t matter… There’s Ships with CHEATED STATS…
A FLEET or SOLO does not make absolutely no difference!!! At All!!!

And btw WE are soloing, not just ME, and we are doing it for FUN, and an 8mil AVERAGE LOOT!!!

If the abyssal content is meant to be played by up to 3 ships, then it is balanced around bringing 3 ships.

Just because someone figured they could run some parts of it in a solo ship doesn’t mean it’s intended to be ran solo.


And I thank you for it, because players like you allow me the opportunity to convert an hour’s worth of my real-life income into like 6 billion ISK, so that I don’t have to grind for 50-100 hours to make the same amount.

But the game is objectively worse off for it.

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So explain me why your HIGHNESS the filaments ALLOW FOR SOLO SHIP??

Calm down :face_with_hand_over_mouth: This whole game is a cheat. It is designed to waste money and time on. It’s like wrestling. It’s fixed :smiley: so CCP makes money no matter what.

You side with me or side with the trolls, you decide.

I’m with you all the way, buddy. It’s a big cheat and that’s why I play for free.