Kill 15 Triglavians in Abyssal Space

Hello fellow PVEers,
hello CCP (I hope),

another day where i just finished the 6th (!!!) Abyssal run (fierce electrical) to do my daily challenges and today…JACKPOT…25k skill points but who could imagine it…11 of 15 Triglavians since run 1.

I cant even express how frustrating this is. It is a time burner to say the least if you are not super lucky with that spawns.

I keep it simple: Pretty PLEASE with a cherry on top switch daily challenges to “Kill 15, 25 even 35 NPCs in Abyssal space” instead of a different kind.

Maybe you dont want us to get “easy xp”…I dont know but this really frustrates me and I try to do daily challenges with 5 chars every day (YES…I am stupid) and once again I am about to stop trying to get the last 4 Triglavians which is EVEN MORE stupid.

I hope some of you guys are with me…

Fly safe!
Talon Kardee


People actually do that stuff?


Working as intended.

I agree with the OP, seems 95% of the Daily Tasks are set for Abyssal space.

Since there’s 3 different Daily Task options available, each one should be different, such as one for killing NPC’s in regular space, one for killing NPC’s in Abyssal space and one for mining Ore.


Random is random is random.

I’d like to see some data on how many Evermarks offered via Daily Tasks, how many won via Daily Tasks and how many traded for symbols.
I suspect it would show that Evermarks are considered worthless


no doubt about it! I know “0” guys that need or want Evermarks at all.
But I am not complaining about the evermark system at all and there are more post about it…

I just want a different abyssal race replaced by “kill npc in abyssal space” cause it can take 2h to complete one daily challenge…and thats stupid to say the least.

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Why are there daily challenges that send you into Abyssal space to accomplish them? A reward mechanic is designed to encourage a behavior. Does this mean CCP cannot get many people interested in running Abyssals and has to make this offer to get the numbers they want from the feature?

I don’t run them because they are slow and boring. I’d rather run high sec missions. I don’t risk my pod at all, I don’t have to switch pods, I get to watch more things blow up, and I am not staring at a Gila slow-boating 80 km to scoop loot. No amount of rewards make them interesting to me because the experience in Abyssal space involves so much slow boating around rather than fighting.


Sounds like you simply have no idea how to run Abyssals. Nobody forces you to use a Gila, nobody forces you to “slow boat around”. You can run them in a Vagabond, Deimos, Phantasm. You can run them in Assault Frigates or T3Destroyers and really come to your limits. You can open the containers from a distance and have an MTU scoop them while you fight. If you make them slow and boring by using the most slow and boring ship available, thats all your decision.

These daily challenges should involve killing other players, not boring pve nonsense.

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I think there should be one for ganking a high sec miner.

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You, my friend, are on the money. Abyssals suck big time and this idiotic daily mission change is CCPs sad attempt to force people into running them.
For my own part, i stopped doing them. Another reason to login removed.


Meh, the dailies suck big time. I stopped running the abyssal ones, they take too much time.
Not sure this EverMarxism mining is any better … at least it’s fast… and they tend to not go away if you don’t run them.


You are not alone. But I know who to blame though… aside of CCP of course. :wink:


It should just be Kill X NPCs in abyss without their type. Adding some new missions like hack containers could be nice too.

Yeah i don’t think you’re doing the proper tier then dude.

The idea is to get people into space, right? So why wouldn’t there be more, and more diverse, options?

I like the abyss, and still won’t do the kill x number of drifters or whatever because you could spend 3 hours and get nothing. So i don’t bother. So it’s not getting me into space…

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Of course he is not doing t4+

With the info available it is clear that the requirements are just too high for most players to entry and the risk is too big. Especially when you can’t try this out on SISI as I am sure the veterans running the sites today did.

I can barely manage to do t2 with my 20mil SP alt. I do not dare to try t3, I don’t want to buy Gila and expensive mods and implants just so I am able to do stupid mission for little SP. Maybe in t3 you can do these missions easily, in t2 the kill 15 of mission can and usually will take more than 5 runs.

And t2s are almost no different to t1 a and t0 except there are slightly more npcs + super annoying small drones (that however dies to environment before I can kill them as my drones explodes immediatelly and rapid light missiles are not doing anything to them - so it is not any easier to clear “kill X drones” mission either). And the loot is so crap. I found out that the best loot is actually in t0, that actually drops around 3mil per site, t1 and t2 drops less for some reason even if I crack and loot all these super far caches.

I suppose that once you have a good fit, skillpoints and knowhow doing high tier can be very fun and maybe even adrenaline, but the entry bar is just too high for most players and the lower tiers are extremely unfun to do. I agree with @Doctor_Nijushiho completely about that. For me, all this new PVE that came in last few years, NPC miners, FOBs, Abyss, Homefront is all so crap and unfun to do and CCP so far never managed to make the group PVE right, it was always either soloed or multiboxed ot death.) I can’t say about Pochven as I only ran the easiest site there, but since my skills aren’t enough then thats crap too. I mean, I have nothing against high end pve, but the low and mid tier pve could also get some new content. Instead this gets even worse as the homefront sites seems to occupy the “anomaly” slots in the region so there is less content for low sp/solo players out there.

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Thx to triglavian fvckmark dailies i dont have to undock any alts.

gj ccp


There are so many things wrong with this but lets start with slowboating a Gila at all.

This is like putting your car in neutral and pushing it to work and then complaining that your car is too slow. Some real user error involved.

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