CCP event changes killed the fun in Abyss?

Did you noticed, that if you get task to kill triglavians and drones in Abyss, you will see nothing but drifters in few first filaments? That started with current event.

I hope CCP will change that back to normal, because diversity of opponent is what makes Abyss space particulary interesting PvE. And facing same waves in every single room you get makes Abyss as dull as null anomaly grinding.


I haven’t seen any pattern in the rats i get compared to tasks i get.

Sometimes it takes a few filaments, othertimes it’s taken just one.

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Every instance is unique and and largely random. There is a large pool of “room” types and only three are selected. It is sheer coincidence that you are getting instances that have rooms without the rats you are looking for.

I have a feeling all the tickets they have to reimburse for losses due to the DDoS’ing will make this event much less likely in the future.

I definitely noticed that the tendency of the RNG to make this take much longer than necessary felt borderline-intentional. Almost every time that I needed to kill a large group of something for the highest-rewarding task, there were barely any such enemies to be found.

Some still do triglavian farms? :thinking:

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