Abyss Made Harder?

Has anyone else noticed a dramatic increase in the performance of the AI as well as changes to the spawn makeups in abyss. I run several dozen a week. I have for years. Since the winter event went live, I’ve had a dramatic increase in difficulty getting through all tiers of all storm types, in every ship, frigate, destroyer, and cruiser.

I literally lost my farming Ikit today to what should have been a perfect series of rooms for it: back to back, medium count, triglavians.

I’ve noticed a massive increase in remote rep across all ship types, dramatically slowing down my clear rates. And a new behaviour I’ve not seen until the last 2 weeks, That’s really detrimental to the ikit: NPCs breaking and burning away in a strait line until my disintegrator breaks ending the ramp up. then returning. With Mystic, I have 50km range on that fit, and I’ve had NPCs continue to burn away trying to break that range, forcing me to chase all the way to the edge of the bubble in the wrong direction from the gate. That’s actually what cost me my ikit today.

I have in the past seem anomalies in the AI behaviour, but this has been consistent. Earlier today, I had an overmind literally bouncing between two of the speed clouds, back and forth in a turn and burn pattern, rather than trying to orbit me. Made him incredibly hard to deal with nearly costing me the ship as well.

It’s been very strange in there lately for me. Anyone else sharing that experience?


Yes CCP has been working on AI across the board.

Mission AI for example is more aggressive towards drones. Some AIs will actually kite you now.

It’s nice that I am not fighting dummy targets.


Hm. Not really. I have run like 20 Abyssals today. Mostly T5, Gammas and Firestorms, some Darks. The NPCs didn’t do anything unusual. They switch to Drones, yes, but they always did. The only time they “kite” away is when Drones are out and they try to follow the drones.

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Came back to abyss today after 2 months break. Completed 8 t5 darks. My worst room from that set was

in -50% weather which I cant say is something outstanding for t5.

Idk reading your post made me think youre just missing a web in your fit. Otherwise just bad rng.

There were about 12 leshaks in t5 exotic at 100+ distance just in first room
idk if ccp is sure about this spawn for 1 cruiser for any t5 abyss

i could kill only 3 bs (before screenshot and killmail) on ship, what i used successfully to close t6

Ehh, that was one of the T5 “special rooms” and you could have just taken the Gate, it isn’t locked in there. You notice it is an “origin conduit” on your screenshot, yes? You don’t have to fight these ships, only a few long-range setups can successfully do that.

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Baited on a free leshaks.

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