Abyssals harder?

Have ccp done something to make abyssals harder to prevent running t5’s in a squad of frigates somehow not what they want us to do?

If you haven’t been around for a few months, shield and armor resist modules were recently nerfed by 20%.

OK cheers. Is there any suggestions on how to run the t5’s these days?

Lots of bling and new strategies…

Did they also make it so you can PVP in them as well?

I think there are abyssal pvp instances. I haven’t ever ran it. I think they also did away with the suspect timer upon exit.

There are now also Needlejack filaments that will yeet you and your fleet into a random nullsec system to wreak some havoc.

Your best bet is probably to watch some YouTube videos from players that run T4’s and T5’s since the resist nerf.

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