Daily Skill Point Abyss Challenges

The daily SP challenge using the Abyss is grossly unfair, it take so may visits to get the right combination of things to kill to get the points that it can (and does) burn many hours doing those challenges. May I suggest either a much better payout for doing the Abyss SP daily challenges or else switch back to the way it was killing NPCs in normal space.



Then don’t do it.

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Only action CCP should take: remove Abyssal instances.

Promoting them like this is an insult to EvE players. The instances are also one of the reasons why Pochven LP store can’t be fixed.


I wish they’d take the abyssal challenges out, period. There are already incentives to run abyssals - namely, they make good money - and I don’t want people to be encouraged to do solo pve that can’t be interacted with.


Yeah no, abyssals are great. You folks hush

would be happy to do the abys for daily sps but since a week or longer i only get evermarks. and that sux i dont whant that shitty marks i got hundredt tousend of them alrdy and they are worthless to me.

If I could make one change to the Abyssal daily challenges, it would be to remove all Kill # of X faction and instead have Kill # Abyssal NPCs.

Currently it’s down to chance if what you need even spawns. I’ve ran half a dozen or more abyssals and not gotten a single room with the faction I need to kill. Making it so any Abyssal NPC counts towards it would make it a lot cleaner and feel better to run. Increasing the amounts of NPCs you need to kill might be a good idea as well, so you may still need to run more than one filament as currently (so say kill 30 instead of kill 15 for the 25k SP one, or whatever else is deemed reasonable.)

The current system would be if the mining dailies were “Mine X units of Veldspar” (or Scordite, or Mercoxit…), or killing dailies were “Kill X Blood Raiders, tough luck if you live in Gallente space.”


Make it Kill X Abyssal NPCs, problem solved. People are still incentivized to run abyssals, but you don’t get repeatedly punished if what you need don’t spawn.


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