The new Dailies should give an additional 15K for completing all 4

The new Daily Challenges in Air Opportunities should give at least an additional 15,000 skill points for completing all four of them for a total of 25,000 SP.

We already had a Daily that gave 25,000 SP just for one daily by killing 10 NPCs. Since the abyssals were put in, the RNG on those things was severely hampered, and now they have been removed entirely. It takes far longer to earn just 10,000 SP, and now we’re capped there too. Adding just 15K SP would still be more restrictive than the pre-abyssal challenges.

Personally I have no incentive to go beyond completed 2 of 4 Dailies now.

(I’m glad they took out the abyssal challenges because most of them were a waste of time especially for a T0 runner.)

I don’t think you’re supposed to complete all 4 Dailies. They’re there to give players some objectives on things to do, not a checklist to complete every day.

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