Daily Goals should have an SP reward for completing 4/4 also

The Daily Goals should have a Skill Point (SP) reward for completing 4 out of 4 of the goals. This reward amount could be reasonably 15,000 SP.

We used to have better SP rewards in the old Daily Challenges.

Kill 1 NPC - 2500 SP
Kill 5 NPCs - 10,000 SP
Kill 10 NPCs - 25,000 SP

Then they tied the non-capsuleer kills into Abyssals, and many of them made no sense for a low tier abyssal runner.

Yes they were random, but now comparing apples to apples, in order to get 10,000 SP we have to kill 50 NPCs (25 x 2) instead of only 5 NPCs.

There is very little and not enough incentive for me to complete all four Daily Goals. However, if there was 15,000 SP attached to it, that would be a reasonable incentive, and it would still be less incentive then we used to have.

Eve Online has a history of abusing players time with time sinks. This is not a good look.

Look at your statistics. I’m sure there are many players that complete 2 of 4 Daily Goals, but when it comes to completing 4 of 4, I bet that number of players falls off a cliff.

If I make the choice to spend more time on the more time consuming 3 & 4 Daily Goal (whatever is more time consuming for me as an unique player), then there should be reasonable incentive to do it. Right now there is not at 500K ISK & 500 EM.

I believe this suggestion is more than reasonable.

(This topic is going under the Photon UI because that’s were all the other posters are dumping their feedback because CCP provide very few categories of feedback.)

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Personally, I would completely abolish rewarding players with skill points.


You don’t deserve any rewards.


Other goals could be to manufacture a certain type of item within a certain time period by the Capsuleer who then receives skill points and ISK.

I would even go so far as to add a Build Order Market where players submit build orders and other players then select the contracts to build.


Blockquote You don’t deserve any rewards.

Calm down anti-rewarder.

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Daily logins are just ways to force players into having addiction behaviour.

Remove daily rewards, remove ALL NES sales,

In the game : remove expiring items, remove soulbound rewards.
in the NES : remove limited-time offers.

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The more enjoyable a game is, the more addictive it is going to be as with all pleasure seeking. Rewards is just a portion of it.

I really wouldn’t want to log in at all if I could not progress my character from 5 M SP to 20+ M SP a small bit every day. No character progression, no play for me.

I’m glad some of you are not in charge of game design.

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No, being enjoyable does not mean being addictive.
Here mechanisms are implemented for the sole reason of addiction, not of pleasure.

Limited-time sales, limited-time rewards, daily logins don’t add any pleasure : they instead add frustration

Soulbound rewards means you need to do the action on each toon, instead of being able to buy them from ingame currency.

May as well shut down Tranquility entirely, re-open Singularity as the only version of EVE then everyone can have infinite skills, infinite money, infinite ships and no challenge or progression at all.

Dang, that is brilliant. Placing public orders or some type of system like that would be a great addition to Eve! WHEW I hope they add that in somehow =)

Love it.
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China just banned daily incentives, so we’re lucky if we get to keep this as it is.

There, problem solved.

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