Vedmaks are scary

So, after running somewhere between 30 and 50 t1 to t3 abyss sites of various types in a cerb, deimos and gila, I can say with confidence that these things aren’t as troublesome to run as the killboards would have you think, with one exception; those 3-4 Harrowing Vedmaks that spawn from time to time in t3.

These things, in my honest opinion, deal absurd amounts of damage with pretty good tracking and range. A gila can get away with some kiting and eventually kill them, but any ship with under 15k range on its guns is basically dead the moment it enters the pocket. Which is hilarious if you consider that 4 Leshaks deal less than half the dps and can actually be speed tanked. The only other encounter I found that dealt comparable dps was the rogue drone bc spawn, but their range and tracking is abysmal so you can even kite them with blasters.

So, what’s the deal with the Vedmaks? Is their ridiculous dps intentional or should we expect a fix? Or maybe is there some counter to them I’m missing?


I had one solo spawn in a Tier 1 and it tore my Vexor apart. I encountered another solo Vedmak in an Navy Osprey an I tore it apart.

The difference with the Vedmak is the range. Drones aren’t enough but missiles and drones are.

The Vedmaks are getting buffed. They’ll do more damage at the outset with a higher ramp-up and improved tracking. Instead of a max of 250% damage they’ll be toned down to only 200%.

Was that from the dev blog or some pre-release notes I missed? Because if that’s the case the buff was a bit too heavy handed imo. It’s just not in line with the rest of the things we fight in there

These are the changes for the next release on SiSi. Here’s a quick summary for the changes to Triglavians:

Damaviks (all variants)
• Damage Modifier: 0.8 » 1.0
• Damage Multiplier/cycle: 0.02 » 0.05
° Maximum Damage Multipler: 1.5 » 1.0

Vedmak (all variants)
• Damage Modifier: 6.0 » 10.0
• Damage Multipler/cycle: 0.02 » 0.05
• Maximum Damage Multipler: 1.5 » 1.0

Leshak (all variants)
• Damage Modifier: 0.8 » 1.0
• Turret Tracking: 7.0 » 10.0
• Damage Multiplier/cycle: 0.01 » 0.02
• Maximum Damage Multiplier: 1.5 » 1.0

So the Damaviks and Leshaks are getting a +25% damage buff, the Vedmak is getitng a 67% damage buff, the Leshak is getting a 43% tracking buff, the Damaviks and Vedmaks are getting a +250% increase to damage per cycle and the Leshak is getting a 100% increase to damage per cycle.


Nice they needed to be a bit stronger for that crazy price tag, does this effect npc’s as well btw?

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Those are the NPC changes. The player ships haven’t been modified.


Needs to be toned down to about 7-8x multiplier with the same ramp-up and max damage cap imo. If close range ships get fried before they blow up a few enemies to mitigate incoming dps this is going to be the same mess as nullsec ratting, with gilas instead of vni’s.

And if the answer is “you just need more bling”, no I’m not investing a couple billion to run sites that only occasionally give me stuff worth anything more than a couple million. Not when I can use less to make many times more isk through ratting/explo/wh sites and buy the loot outright.

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If implemented these changes will definitely make them harder hitting at the outset - but by no means will the insane “death spawn” be as brutal.

It’s via Hoboleaks on the tweetfleet slack, but also posted in this reddit thread:

O I thought it was player stat’s, these ship need a serious range nerf cant have them firing over 40km range on npc BS’s with that huge dps as it greatly limit’s what can engage it so far only drones and missiles can run these because of that damn range, auto’s cant do any dps at 50km’s, blasters lol no… scorch can kinda scrape at that range.

Rail’s cant track the frig’s, beams can’t track, arty (lol) cannot track! This only leaves missile/drone’s that are able to take the 10X bs spawn(T5) and 7X bs spawn in T4’s, if you like guns sorry for you.


I’ve specifically not done T4’s for this reason. Try fitting good tank and decent DPS with some control to kill smaller stuff - in my case Minmatar - laughable with arty - its just not happening.

Got my 425 auto setup to T3 and Vedmaks nuked me badly. No way am I blinging it to L4.

The anti-drone towers melt anything but Gila drones, and what is left for Minnie? SFA - some speed, meh, but once webbed or neuted. Fizz pop. 4 mids on them and shield tank. Yeah - DPS without those drones is laughable for T2.

Gila a gogo.


Yea I ran a gila after flying the vaga muninn and phantasm for 2 weeks, it was laughably easy could afk 4’s, while the vaga needs constant attention and play’s even in 3’s.

And this is a t2 fit gila that can easily run 4’s xD

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In high-sec F4 and F5 filaments are impending death. If the Triglavian “death spawn” doesn’t get you - the waiting fleet will.

I run them all in null sec its empty 24 7 not a single person hunting.

Use 220mm minor dps difference and better tracking and fitting.


Yes, its a bit - short range though!

22k falloff and hitting out to 35k enemies with mwd on.

Not bad at all.

You do know that ‘falloff’ means way reduced damage. That paper 600 dps becomes a laughable … 300 at the far end.

Now of course, close and kill when the small stuff has popped, but have you tried a Gila? So much faster.

You mean the paper 800 dps.
I clear t3 with 12-13 minutes to spare.