Dreaded Collective - New Update

Hello everyone,

We are planning several balance changes to Triglavian ships that will go live on 25 August. These will be shortly available for testing on our Singularity Test Server but I am listing all the planned changes below. Please keep in mind that they are subject to change based on testing and feedback:


  • Increase base damage on all XL Triglavian ammo by 150%


  • Mass increased from 1,350,000 to 1,560,000


  • Bonus to optimal range increased from 15% per level to 30% per level
  • Max velocity increased from 318 to 325


  • Mass increased from 63mil to 78mil
  • Max velocity increased from 113 to 125


  • Drone bay reduced from 125m3 to 75m3
  • Drone bandwidth reduced from 75m3 to 50m3
  • Mass increased from 9,900,000 to 10,700,000


  • 5% Bonus to Entropic Disintegrator tracking changed to 7.5% bonus to Disintegrator optimal range


second and these changes seem cool

lol ,the adjust of vedmak is nerf or buff?

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Just a heads up, the article announcing these changes doesn’t mention the changes to the Drek


  • Drone bay reduced from 125m3 to 75m3
  • Drone bandwidth reduced from 75m3 to 50m3
  • Mass increased from 9,900,000 to 10,700,000

Considering the mechanics of the disintegrator… a buff.


still nothing huh

Excellent stuff!

Was hoping the nerf bat would hit the Kiki a little harder, but the changes are good.

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cool! can you buff the Tiamat aswell please?


Haha, the Damavik is so useless and inconsequential that even CCP forgot about it…


Ah… 2 days since I learned Drekavak. Actually rolled a small blob solo today, using three web heavies. And exact same day it’s being nerfed… I see some kind of pattern…

I would like to see some sort of buff for the Damavik one day. For its price to fit, its not viable for new or casual players to really utilize for how much application you can get versus other racial advanced frigs.

It’s not a huge nerf.

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Draugur will be overpowered now for sure. But it’s also super expensive so maybe that is fine.

Zirnitra buffs are crazy good, finally.

Kiki/Leshak nerfs seem more like blob nerfs (+mass) to prevent big fleets taking them through wormholes rather than hurting them in more traditional sense, with slightly less speed on the Kiki it’s still going to be OP.

Vedmak getting optimal instead of tracking is nice, will make it more useful.

Drekavac got probably the biggest nerf here, did it deserve it? IDK.

Also no love for the Damavik is kinda disappointing.

Overall a good set of changes though


Buff for sure, since vedmak really struggles with range and disintegrators already have perfect tracking

Nergal range buff plz.


Why is drekavac getting hit so hard it was hardly the most used or most overpowered of all the ships?


Well, i guess this is okay but, I was kind of hoping for some love to the EdenCom ships/weapons.


You can still take an infinite number of Kikis through a frighole, even with the mass change