The new precursor ships feedback so far

First the good thing, they all look very cool, nice job everyone!

Edit 2:

The Drekavac

  • With the improved powergrid, this ship looks waay cooler than before and I believe this one will be very strong indeed with the bonuses

The Rodiva

  • The signature radius is too large for a logi. Even the Osprey has a smaller signature radius
  • Powergrid and capacitor look fine as is, I can’t wait to fly this!

The Kikimora

  • Can fit a 400mm plate now but with only one high slot to put either a neut or a smartbomb or a remote rep on, the remote repair part won’t make much sense at all.

I get that destroyers are glass cannons but one remote rep? Better ditch the bonus entirely or make it that the Kikimora gets a spool-up rr bonus, which would make total sense.

Those would pair very nicely with Deacons or Rodivas.

Edit 1:

  • The Precursor destroyer skill is currently rank 3 but all other destroyer books are rank 2 skills

Edit 2:

  • The Kikimora is a beast! 399dps with mystic and no radiation sinks or implants - yikes!

  • The Drekavac is another beast and fits right between a Prophecy and Brutix with a nice tank and a scary gun!

Well done!!

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Only looked at the Drekavac. Seems to me the PG is way to low. CPU is a bit short also but the main problem is the PG.

By installing the tec2 main weapon variant, almost half of your PG goes with it making very hard to put some kind of Active/Passive Tank.

Forget about using all the bonuses from the ship. There is simply no PG/CPU enough to work with.


All precursor ships seem to have low powergrid and CPU, even though they get other bonuses for modules and turret that are all high in power and/or cpu requirements.

Then you get things like losing a lowslot on the Damavik to add a med slot, when we know the lowslots are key for fitting any precursor ship.

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yes low powergrid and cpu make impossible decent fitting of these ships. reminds me

why triglavian ships dont have eoungh power grid? no solar panels

why triglavian ships have low cpu? because they have amd athlon.

triglavian ships should be allowed to fit more than 1 turret tooo. make it really powerful and dangerous ship to fight

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Tried new ship and they are complete mess, are you fooling around or doing serious job ???

Sit down and do a proper job and balance that ships right. That ships are future of Eve and you can not have half baked stats and characteristic.

Since these ships are on the live server now, i’m surprised no more feedback has come back yet.

I dunno if I’m just actually getting old, but I haven’t even injected the skill books yet. Corp roam was announced with enough time to train all the skills up and have them literally hand out ships, and my only thought was “meh… I’ll go see if there’s something new on netflix”.

The entire trig line, I just have no desire to even try.

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Have say they are one of the nicer looking faction ships. The whole single turret concept i have no issue with. Though the ammo volume was an issue, just one magazine reload was enough to use up must of the cargo bay on some ships.
Only real issue with these ships is lack of lowslots to counter the powergrid and cpu shortfall.

It’s not that I don’t like the ships. I just… feel meh. The whole abysmal release was just meh.

I’m sure I’ll get around to training one up eventually, even if only because it becomes a doctrine that I have to train up, but they just aren’t exciting to me at all.

Never flown a abysall mission yet, though own the frigate, cruiser and battleship, have spec skills in the small and medium turrets, and most the same in the large. Being an Amarr player from early 2000’s i personally see them as a nice difference to whats been around for ages, though something would make better with them.

Yeah me too. The Triglavians seem to fit Amarr lore quite well.

And the ammo thing bugs me quite a lot. If you do a cost analysis counting in the cost of the ammo versus the lifetime of a precursor ship, the ammo will cost more than the entire ship really quickly.

I will investigate the battlecruiser a bit further in the next days which has some potential and am still waiting for the logi cruiser(s).

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I’m interested in looking at the Logi Cruisers when they come available.

The Battleship is good though the ammo costs(m3 and isk), powergrid and cpu issues are still there. And the very low shield hp(this is in the med cruiser levels) hasn’t been counter in armour.

For armour focused ships, they aren’t the best, they all have average medslot counters, but not the best lowstol counts, and resistances tend to be on the high side which makes using armour resist modules provide a limited benefit. With lower resistance when you add a armour resist module it would provide a better result, ideally the armour hp should be increased on all ships to counter the lost shield hp, and armour resists set to the low set, and shield resist set to the high. This would make armour resist module better than shield resist modules on these ships.
This would also mean that less armour resist module would be required and thus free lowslots for powergrid and cpu modules.

So far the Kikimora seems like it’s going to be low-key amazing. At the very least I personally think it has great potential as a strong brawling ship, in either a MWD+full tackle or dual prop configuration- it’s quite decently fast, comparing favorably to attack cruisers.

As a brawler it can either brawl outrageous or scram kite, and with ship skill 4 you have 13 km of range with Occult, and with Meson can reach out to 41 km. It’s actually kind of crazy; you have the tracking and DPS to brawl outrageous if needed while still maintaining the sheer projection to either kite or force an opposing kiter off.

You need some good fitting skills but you can definitely get a T2 gun, T2 MWD, SAAR, 200mm plate, and a nos onto the ship, and still have the CPU/PG left over to fit full tackle, a damage mode, and a T2 EANM. Alternately you can juggle it a little to swap the plate for more resists and the web for an AB- loading I think Tetryon?- you have neutron-blaster grade tracking and the additional mobility under scram could be quite useful.
There’s apparently a few different kiting setups running MWD+point+injector in the meds, though I think there might be one or two people who are (prominently) running overprop fits.

I’ll admit that I’d love to have a 5th lowslot on the Kikimora, but more because I think it’s good now and that it would be utterly amazing if it had a 5th low- also, because the Damavik being 3/3/4 and the Kikimora staying at 2/3/4 would be… well there’s lots of words to describe the amount of dumb that would entail.

That said the Kiki has plenty of PG/CPU to fit MWD/dual prop configurations- overprop setups require fitting mods of course, but otherwise I’ve found that fitting mods have been unnecessary.
Haven’t had the opportunity to check out the Drekavac, but considering the video of 3 Drekavacs murdering like 12-18 Feroxes I’m pretty sure that they’re quite good.

Also they have adjusted ammo volume; I think it’s now ~5m3 for 500 rounds. Probably still tight on space with the Damavik- but it’s pretty much impossible to fit-it as-is so that’s just insult to injury at this point- but the Kikimora has a spacious cargo bay.

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Oh cheers for the heads up! I haven’t had time to look at them the last few days and may not able to until later this week.

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