Storyline Modules as Precursor Modules

After reading through Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci’s extensive Thread
on new Drifter ships and the Precursor category being the Next Big Thing, I had an idea about how Precursor Modules could be added that are more effective on all Precursor ships. Storyline modules are in the lore as being constructed with Ancient Precursor tech and use bits of their tech as building materials.

Since there are always only a maximum of 2 storyline variants per unique module, they could have one be slightly less powerful, but be a superior ‘compact’ version that’s easier to fit and has a lower capacitor cost if it’s an active module. The other one, or standard one, would be on-par with t2 module power with slightly less CPU cost.

All of the Storyline, now ‘Precursor’ modules would receive a 10-20% increase in effectiveness when fitted to Precursor ships, and have a higher HP pool to allow them to be overheated longer on any ship that uses them, for a more significant reason for anyone to use them.

I would also stress that this is ONLY with the assumption of more “Precursor” ships being added to the game, since they are an entirely new category of ship that’s being treated differently as content is being released for them. Increasing their effectiveness on what is now only Triglavian ships would be a niche use currently, but their better fitting and resistance to overheating would still make them infinitely more useful than they are now, and be reflective of their limited availability.


Not even a hint of balance.

What would you change about storyline mods?

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