Storyline modules rant

Several things i need to mention first:
-its a list of problems and weird things that made me ask “why?” too many times
-im an industrialist, idk exacly how to get bpcs so i wont get into that, altho i know that parts come from exploration
-i just started making storyline modules (2 weeks or so) so maybe there are some things idk
-this isnt a rant(well, its kinda is) or call to fix it asap cause i know that this is an old and i guess never updated content and i know that for most players its not even a problem

dissclaimer: no need to read this, but go back to it if you dont understand something

manufacturing of storyline looks like this:
threre are 8 skills, each for different branch of modules, each brach has its own set of parts

  1. Sleepers:
    hull repairs, exp smartbombs, hull upgrades+prop upgrages, mwd+ab, scram, point, target painter different modules require different lvl to manufacture, for example for talocan branch
  2. Talocan:
    Cloaking, shield extenders+shieldboost amplifier, resist hardeners, resist amplifiers, 'dyad’co-processor, cap boosters
  3. Yan Yung:
    armor reppairs+remote armor repairs, dmg control, energized membranes, warp core stabilizer(???why not sleepers???), ‘bootleg’ remote sensor booster (remember this name)
  4. Takhmahl
    armor plates, cap batteries/power relays/remote transmiters/booster, and for some reason small armor repper
  5. Amarr (bloodraider parts)
    energy weapons, neuts, nosferatus, EM smartbombs, cap recharger, 'deuce’co-processor, heat sink
  6. Caldari (guristas parts)
    railguns, missile launchers, all ECM, shield boosters
  7. Gallente (serpentis parts)
    blasters, weapon/sensor disruptors, tracking/guidance computer, magnetic stabilizer
  8. Minmatar (angel parts)
    altilery, autocanons, rocket launcher, gyro stabilized, balistic control system

lets start small:

  1. for some there are 2 cycles for cap boosters: takhmahl, and talocan
    why? idk, also the naming is odd cause takhmahl names them [SIZE] ‘NAME’, and talocan does the opposite. Its just odd, but ok

  2. there are 2 co-procesors, but again, w/e

  3. There are no HAM and RHML storyline modules for some reason, all other noncapital weapons exist:

  4. each nation has its storyline ewar:
    -amarr: cap warfare
    -caldari: ecm
    -gallente: dampers/disruptors
    -minmatar:… ehm… there is no storyline web and target painter is sleepers for some reason, f*** minmatar i guess

  5. T1 modules in general use minerals from trit to megacyte, and T2 modules use T1+some parts+morphite
    so why poncho (t1 storyline cloak) uses morphite and guise(t2 storyline cloak), and smokescreen(cov ops cloak) are using just morphite and no T1 module?

  6. there are 4 amplifiers, 3 of them require lvl4 to make them and the last one despite having the same crafting, same stats, and everything requires lvl2, ccplease be consistant

  7. there are 3 types of blasters: ion, electron, neutron
    so gallente has 3 large
    3 medium
    and… 2?.. small…(?), we have ion, and electron
    so neutron is missing… or is it?
    it was implemented apparently
    its listed as a variation

    it has its own market page, but no copy was ever put there, cause nothing drops it and there is no bpc implemented for it

  8. ‘harmony’ small armor repairer is the smallest from the yan jung armor repair
    except it doesnt f***ing exist
    the difference this time is that blueprint was implemented:

    and you see, there is accually different small storyline repper. I honestly know why tf, but takhmahl has small armor repper fully implemented, JUST THE SMALL ONE, im honestly loosing my mind here, why would anyone do that?

  9. remember when i was presenting the basic concept that each branch has a set of parts that ONLY for that one branch
    well, there is one module that breaks this basic rule, meet “bootleg”:

    i could make another patric meme but im too tired. Again, why would you put something with half parts yan jung, half gallente? just why
    and no, it just needs one skill (yan jung)
    and yes, its the only module that does it
    additionaly there is a normal sensor booster and it doesnt require gallente parts, which makes it even weirder

  10. light 200mm autocannon also doesnt exist:

  11. everything has different names in storyline, except uncreative minmatar where every altilery and autocannon is called ‘jolt’

ok, i guess thats it, my headphones are screaming “battery low”.
this posts role was mainly therapeutic for me, but i hope that you enjoyed this rant, i guess otherwise you wouldnt read this line.
goodnight o7


They might slowly be fixing stuff like this during tiericde - I don’t know. Haven’t cared enough to check.

Regardless, here’s some OCD satisfaction to help you feel better.


Breathe …

… and relax …

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I stopped taking anything in the post seriously after this line.

so the TLDR- In the universe why would all 4 empires makes things exactly equal. Or even across different sizes etc.

Personally I like that fact that the game has components that feel like they would have been actually developed, not just “created” from a game dev’s spreadsheet.

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