New items and production in general

Hello, i have a question: How does (for example) Light Missile Launcher I spawn in game? I’m guessing some people need to mine minerals, then someone needs to do missions or exploration to get a blueprint for it, then we need some sort of a factory to build the module itself right?

The blueprint you can buy from most NPC stations. Same goes for Industry. Minerals can be mined or reprocessed from existing modules, or just plainly bought from others, via the market.

There are several classes of module:

  • Civilian are the most basic. You are given these in the tutorial and career missions to learn how they function. They have no utility beyond that.

  • Tech 1 modules are next. Blueprint originals can be purchased for most of these. They are manufactured by players and primarily used as input to the Tech 2 manufacturing process. Blueprint copies for a few like reactive armor hardeners and ancillary armor/shield repair modules are found in exploration sites.

  • Named modules, also called Meta modules are harvested as loot from NPC wrecks. These tend to be better than Tech 1 and frequently less expensive. They have names like Compact, Enduring, Restrained, etc… that is descriptive of their bonus relative to T1. There is a dream that someday these will be player manufactured (already the case for capital modules)

  • Tech 2 blueprints are created through an invention process from Tech 1. These are player manufactured from a combination of Tech 1, advanced components (made from moon material) and planetary (PI) materials. They are more expensive and require more fitting resources (CPU, Power, Capacitor) than meta but are the most powerful modules you can get for a reasonable price.

  • Faction modules are available from loyalty point stores, either as blueprints or modules and can drop as loot in some combat sites. They offer some advantages over Tech 2 either in power or fitting requirements for a substantial increase in price. They will be named for an empire or pirate faction.

  • Deadspace and Officer modules drop as loot from from more advanced combat sites. They tend to be very powerful and very expensive - often billions of ISK for officer modules.


i see… tnx guys… i thought everything is player driven but i’m getting some of those modules and blueprints for free every time i log into the game

The free things you get are insignificant in the grand scheme of the game.
That 1 run 0/0 Thrasher blueprint you got isn’t going to make an impact in the game’s Thrasher market.

even more so: because it is a 0/0 researched copy, using it is actually a waste of ISK and minerals.

Depends on if you want to skill into production. Just for a try it’s OK, the loss is neglectable.
Don’t rely on free stuff, it’s just a phase around birthday of EVE, and frankly spoken a bpc for 100 rounds of t1 ammo can’t be more than an appetiser.

T2 modules have a light brown tag, faction modules and ships have a green tag, and office modules a blue one. Example: This recently killed Tengu, there you find all three kinds of modules.

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