Civilian modules as drops in 1.0 systems perhaps?

the other day i was planning to make a new fit for a ship that involved getting some Civilian Light Missile Launchers. it was mostly for fun and i was considering having a PvP version just for lols, already had bought the ship and the modules but when checking on the market i saw that those launchers werent avaliable at all in the market.

i tried looking in contracts there were only 2 around in the whole cluster. not even in Jita i could found a provider and no one answered with offers in the Caldari Career Agent systems. i even tried putting a market order but nothing came up.

i decided to scrap the fit and just get a regular turret fit for the ship. no big deal, but i think this was worth suggesting anyways.

basically, all the civilian modules should be able to be dropped or should have a blueprint that can be obtained in 1.0 systems. there’s already a Cloning Facility site in each system that allows players to get BPs for things like Civilian Hardeners and the like. but i think it would be good to have some other civilian stuff avaliable for obtaining yet.

it wouldnt change much the gameplay for others, but it was really frustrating to look in the whole market only to find that no one was selling those modules. its a niche market of course but one expected to at least see a few sold in the starter systems or tsomething.

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I’m not online but I thought all the civilian blueprints were on the market?

Civilian modules are handed out in the career missions and the SOE Epic Arc for use in specific missions because they require no skill to use. I’m not sure they even work outside the tutorial missions.

There should be a combat site in the starter system that drops nothing but civilian modules.
The one near Rens is a clone raider site that spawns repeatedly.

Create a Caldari clone, get 1 CLML on your first noob ship. Leave ship, undock, dock somewhere else: get another CLML, fly back to original station. Repeat until you have the number you want.

It’s a bit more labour intensive than building them. but you will get them that way.

IIRC the civilian warp disruptor has 0 strength.

Here’s the issue.

This idea has no purpose other than lol fits. It does not really benefit anyone and noobs can use t1 equipment with little to no training time.

What exactly is the point of this? Civilian modules have zero purpose outside of the tutorial missions, which you should be done with in a few minutes. We don’t need to make changes just so stupid troll fits are easier to make.

the issue with civilian lml is that they don’t belong to a marketgroup, ie they can’t be sold nor compared nor searched for in the fitting tool.
I already made bug report for this, no answer.

The other modules I found are :
Prototype Iris Probe Launcher (2083)
Medium Nano Armor Repair Unit I (4579)
Large ‘Reprieve’ Vestment Reconstructer I (4621)
‘Habitat’ Miner I (22921)
‘Wild’ Miner I (22923)
Khanid Navy Torpedo Launcher (28513)
Civilian Light Missile Launcher (32461)
Civilian Small Remote Shield Booster (32467)
Civilian Small Remote Armor Repairer (32469)
Lux Kontos (34580)

plus mutaplasmids and removed links.

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Yup the “Rogue cloning facility”, though they drop blueprints not modules.

The site contains very weak rats that drop civilian module blueprint copies and ectoplasma.

They can be found in the starter systems (three schools per empire thus twelve in total).

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