Civilian laser

I am really stupid and new to the game, and the second mission by odetlef it tells me to get a civilian laser but I don’t know how to use it. I could really use some advice for game tips, and a solution to my problem.

It also needs one civilian which I don’t know how to get.


Stird Odetlef - Malukker, Minmatar Career Agent, Military/Enforcer.

When docked in any station, on the right, there is a button “Board my Corvette” - it always contains a civillian weapon, which should be enough for the mission.
Mission help/info
This mission works with any weapon, even drones.

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Well I don’t know how to use it.

The tutorial teaches you how to use it, you target the npc enemy ship and click on the laser to start firing.

Ok thanks.

it says invalid target this module can only target items within the astroid group.

Go find an asteroid and mine that. Likely in the same mission space.

There are 2 kindes of lasers. Mining lasers and lasers that are Amarr weapons.

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Fixed for you. You are not stupid and I am not stupid: we’re both new and we are learning. I asked the same question about civilian lasers in Rookiechat and was told the weapon is just a pair of training wheels.

Fly safe. o7

EDIT: oh drat I necrod a two week old thread. Maybe I am stupid after all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just remember my first days in New Eden: It took some time until I found out I need real ammo for railguns after using the civillian guns in the tutorial.
We all had some problems at the start, that’s perfectly normal.


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