The Stand Mission HELP

Hi, newbie.
So, I was doing The Stand Mission for advanced military career. Already lost a ship cause I wans not ablo to destroy the first ship you see on this mission. I have another ship but I don have gun…so how cam I buy/find/get gun or module, not sure the name, so I can finish the mission.

You fly to a trade hub and buy the module.

Jita in Caldari space (and biggest trade hub), Amarr in Amarr space, Dodixie in Gallente space, Rens/Hek in Minmatar space.

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just click the market thing in the menu. and search the thing u want to buy. btw which faction are u?


Use the ‘Board my Corvette’ option to get a free Corvette from your starting faction. Leave the ship and repackage it - this should give you a civilian gun. Assemble the ship, and repackage it again - now you have two guns. Repeat until you have enough guns to fill the turret slots on your frigate.

Technically this mission can be completed with a Corvette, but it requires a little work. Using a civilian-grade tank module (civilian shield booster is much cheaper than the armor repairer), a civilian Afterburner, and two civilian turrets will get the job done, if you paid attention to earlier mission training about combat range and orbiting targets. You should be able to keep the shield booster running constantly- it has a tony activation cost. Start firing as soon as you can target the enemy (a lucky early hit/hits can make a big difference in this encounter), while flying in to get inside your guns’ optimal range, orbit within that range, and keep your afterburner on to make yourself harder to hit. watch your damage output vs damage received. You need to stay ahead of your enemy on % health to survive the encounter and get blown by the next wave of rats.


wait so u basically get free stuff!!!

Yes, but it is incredibly weak stuff - it is really only useful during the tutorial/career agent missions. You will quickly run into content outside these missions that the civilian modules cannot handle.


If you ran the basic military missions chain (cashflow for capsuleers) you should have received several weapons and appropriate ammunition along with a number of missions where you need to kill similar rats. If you haven’t already completed this chain, I recommend you do so before proceeding with the advanced one.

Thank you so much, I did it

wow thanks

It’s great for not losing anything of value on the forced death missions. :slight_smile:

I seem to recall using a Corvette on that one certain destruction tutorial mission, which also awards you a replacement ship.

However, I think I also remember doing it again much later, and discovering the mission had a gate that prevented using the corvette.

My memory is poor, so I could be confusing things, but the points I’m trying to make are:

  • Read the mission briefings! They’ll tell you if destruction is certain.
  • Do try to ‘cheat’ the system by using a Corvette whenever possible for those certain-destruction missions.
  • If it isn’t possible, then do fit the ship minimally, perhaps with an empty cargo and not even spare ammo, to minimize the loss.
  • Use ‘civilian’ (free) modules on the ship when the mission briefing looks grim.

I’m pretty sure ‘Angel of Mercy’ (the ‘bomber’ frigate mission) does have a gate that blocks all other ships - I was sad that I could only get a basically free insurance payout on that one instead of a saleable ship.

And that’s another good point: insure your frigates for max payout, as you are almost guaranteed to lose them eventually, and the insurance should help you get back into a new hull.


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