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So like many newbs coming into the game years ago I figured missions were the best way to get some initial combat experience and isk. Little did I know that all this mission running was putting me into negative standing with the factions, which I didn’t realize until I tried to go to Minmatar space. After some training in the social skill I was able to get my standing to where I could at least enter their space.

Now I want to get my standing to the point where I could run missions for the faction that are low but it’s my understanding that to do that I would have to go to low sec and get the tags to turn in, or just keep training my social skill to try to get my standing back up. Is there some other better way of getting my standing up?


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If you have damaged faction standings, look into running the SoE epic arc and pick the faction you need a boost with as the one you help in the final stages. It will give a a pretty decent boost. After that, run missions and complete storyline missions for that faction to further increase your standings. As soon as you have access to that faction’s space, it is the easiest way to do things.

An important thing to consider when running missions is who you will shoot. Decline missions that involve shooting at faction navy ships (ex.: if you run for Amarr, turn down missions that involve shooting Minmatars). There are plenty of missions where you shoot pirates instead, which are safer to run.

Over time, running storyline missions for some factions will damage your standings with other factions (if you run too many storylines with Amarr, Minmatar will start to hate you as an Amarr sympathizer). Running the SoE epic arc every 3 months to boost your lowest standing should compensate nicely though.

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Thanks much! I’ll look into that for sure

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Couldn’t you just buy those tags?

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This is a common problem.

Also check out:

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Just as a side note, the "Tags’ that you get from lowsec and turn in, have nothing to do with faction. They are Security tags, and denote your security status in hisec as a whole. Your security status is affected by unlawful aggression against other players, and not NPCs. Therefore, you are unlikely to get any security status effects when doing missions for NPC corps.

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They might be talking about the tags for COSMOS missions. But you’re right, it’s a good thing to clear up.

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I looked into that but it seems like you need to go to lowsec to get them and I wanted to avoid that if possible as I’m a carebear.

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@Solonius_Rex is correct. Negative Security Status is incurred for attacking other Capsuleers which affects your ability to travel freely in High Sec space. Tags for Security can only be gained in Low Sec from Clone Soldier NPC’s. Those Tags can also be bought from the Market or Public Contracts and are only good for repairing negative Security Status.

@Do_Little is correct and has posted a link that will help. Since you’re talking about mission running it’s your Minmatar Faction standing that’s messed up. You don’t have to go to Low Sec space to fix it. The only Tags used for Faction Standing increase is with Data Center Agents. Getting the required amount of Tags will take a long time, best to just purchase them from the Market.

Running the SoE level 1 Epic Arc won’t do you any good if you’re constantly being attacked by NPC Faction police. ‘The Plan’ is the easiest and fastest way to repair negative Faction standings…

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