Faction Police mechanics, need advice please

So this character was purchased a while back from the Bazarre with awful Amarr standings. I am trying to do the SOE epic arc to fix this a bit.
The problem is, some of the missions are in Amarr space and the police show up at my mission sites. Am I able to use a character with good Amarr standing to rep me while I do these missions or will that cause me to get attacked on both characters?

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How’s your Caldari standing? You could do some of those missions to up your Amarr standings.

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Do you have diplomacy trained ?

You can do the soe with another character. Youll wanna just use the runner to do the whole soe and once you get to the final mission, fleet up with the character with bad standings. Make sure the puller has the settings to share standings and rewards.

After completion of the final mission will faction standings be shared.

You just need to be -4.99 or higher to not be shot at.


Seconding Geo’s response.

Train up diplomacy (if it isn’t already), and social.
Other things you can do are train up Caldari standing, as that has a secondary effect of increasing Amarr standing (though lowering Gallante and Minmatar). The net gain is higher than the losses.

It will be a bit of a grind, unfortunately.

Training into a tech 3 destroyer may help, you should be able to kill off any SOE epic arc mission objectives (except the final boss) before faction police show up, and if they do, you can generally warp off before they finish landing on grid. Honestly they are the best for SOE epic arc speenrun ships (and faction mission completion along the way).


Find Amarrian agents living in other regions, run missions there

Also do Cosmo missions for a small quick fix


Fixing faction via storylines/cosmos creates a lot of unnecessary negative derived standings. Doing the arcs create less derived standings than the others

Thanks for the reply, I do have the social and diplomacy skills so yeah my true standings are -9.8 and my derived standings are about -6.5ish. Will try what you suggested with an alt doing the missions up to the one that gives faction rep, appreciated!

Good call, will see if I can find any after I finish the SoE arc.

Yeah I was using a Jackdaw but the mission I got stuck on involved a hacking component so I had to be on grid long enough that the police battleships has time to lock and kill me. Other options I had considered were to use a marauder but I wasn’t sure if the police would escalate with more ships after being unable to kill me or kiting them off while another toon does the hacking if that actually works.

Based on my skillboard, i changed my amarr to -9.8 in the calculator, it will take you 2 soe arcs with 2 alts pulling them, to bring you above -4.99 effective.

Its up to you, if you only have one alt to share the standings, you can reach us at USIA to run the other arc for 1.2bil

With a marauder you probably could have killed them instead, but i dont recall if that is a standings hit

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Sorry for the late reply, I appreciate the help. Might hit you up if I can get a C5 krabbing session in to put funds in my wallet lol.
Was considering the marauder for just tanking the rats while I run the site, I’ve never stuck around for long enough to check if they warp disrupt me but I assume they do eventually and I’d maybe need to kill one or two to escape.

I always have to remind myself, faction navy is for low standings.

As of last year, they only web and neut.

BTW OP, your concern is over Faction Navy (low faction standings, content of your post) not Faction Police (low sec status, in your thread title). They are not the same. IIRC the police do point. But the Navy webs (helps you go into warp) and does not point.


Thank you for the clarification.

Or Ammatar Mandate. Either one works.