Epic arc issue - can I use alt to do missions in sector I cannot go

Hi, I need to improve my standing with the Amarr and Caldari state. I started the SOE Epic arc, but I cannot get to Caladari space for the missions happening there.

Can I fleet with an alt that would help out running those missions?


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You still have to get your mission-puller to the agent to accept and turn-in the missions.

I am assuming your issue is with FacPo?

You can use a fleeted alt to complete the combat or courier efforts (passing any required objects between the characters as appropriate) and, assuming your route is high-sec the whole way, you can avoid FacPo by traveling via capsule (or a 2-sec align ship, IIRC) on your mission-puller.

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Thanks, good thing they don’t pod…

So I could go to the agent in a pod. Have the alt perform the mission.

Will the alt standings be affected by fleet members?
What about the observation missions? I know they cannot be done in a pod…

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Fac standings are not shared until the very last mission of an epic arc. So having the mission puller accept and the alt running is perfectly fine. If any standings are changed throughout the arcs, it’s corp standings. Anyone in fleet at time of mission turn in, received positive standings from that corp and or faction if last mission.

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OK, so I should not mess up the last part when I chose which faction to improve. I guess at one point I will fall back in Gallente space and keep running myself

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From my time in the United Standings Improvement Agency, I learned quite a bit about the screwed up mechanics of standings. Fleet members do not receive any negative standings, unless they are on grid and cause a negative standing like destroying something.

So the only positive changes will come at the mission turn in and the LP/mission reward/mission bonus/ standings gains are all split between however many people are in fleet…

Look up ‘Faction Standings Repair Plan’. Works well.

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I am almost there, I’ m wondering though, if I chose the Amarr faction if the last step is in Amarr…

The last step is to pick which NPC to talk to at a fixed destination at the end of the arc - nothing changes the location of the missions in the Sisters of EVE arc, though that is not the case with some of the other epic arcs.

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each one of the 4 commander is in a different system : Sheero, Avyuh, Sosh, Manarq. You confront Dagan in the commander system.

@OP : the trick is to do the epic with your alt and then share the rewards, which also shares the standing gain with the faction of your choice.

To reiterate, only the very last mission of any arc, gives out faction standing.

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