L4 Epic Arcs with alt on same account?

I’d like to run the caldari and amar L4 epic arcs on my market alt for standings, but has no combat skills… is it possible to complete missions with my combat pilot on the same account?

Ie: market alt starts mission, save bookmark, log out, log in combat main, clear mission, log out, log in market alt, loot mission item if needed and hand in?

Market alt can fly blockade runner for the null/lowsec hauling.

And no, I don’t have any friends who can help, I realize it’s a pain this way, but just something to do in my downtime, i just wanna know if it will work, or if pilot has to be online and in system for missions to complete


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Yes you can absolutely do that. All mission sites can be completed by any character, regardless of the status of the mission-holder (in fleet, online, or off-line, doesn’t matter). As soon as you log the alt back in, his objectives will be flagged as complete if they were completed under any circumstance, by any character.

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Awesome, thank you very much sir! I didn’t want to take a risk and be unable to complete it.

Much Appreciated!

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Yeah, that’s one way to do it. Just remember the Epic Arcs can only be completed every 90 days so it’ll take a while to get high standings. Course on the other hand there’s very little to no negative derived standings incurred for completing the Epic Arcs.

Now if you don’t care about other Faction standings, then the fastest way to quickly gain Faction standing without having to do any combat missions at all is to just buy ‘Tags’ and complete missions for Data Center Agents.

However, if you want to gain positive standings with all Empire Factions then I suggest checking out ‘The Plan’.


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