L4 Mission Runners for Hire?

So I just turned 30+ days old, and got myself into a bind. Trying to complete an Amarr L4 Epic Arc and so far so good until I reached this one:


97 Enemy Ships? Battleships galore.

There used to be corporations that would burn these just for the loot and salvage yet I do not see any ads for such. Could be that these forums are new but I poked through the older forums and even the older than those old forums and do not see anyone offering to blitz L4 missions.

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Sooo, you just turned 30 days old and decided to run the Level 4 Amarr Epic Arc?

Well Pilot, I hate to say this but that’s way above your pay grade. Hell, I’m a little curious as to how a rookie recruit like you even got the standings to access it within 30 days.

Anyway, that doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that Epic Arc missions don’t expire. That means you can actually let it sit in your Journal while you invest some time getting better prepared in both skills and equipment. Also the mission site will reset back to it’s original state after Downtime. That means you can try it again and hopefully manage each spawn trigger and it’s reinforcement group one at a time.

Personally I like using Eve Survival to gather updated intel before heading out on a mission. In fact, the very first thing listed in that mission report is this:


Be prepared for a large amount of EWAR and Very heavy DPS in this mission, 
more so if you get the triggers mixed up.
Make sure to prioritize targets and eliminate EWAR threats asap.
Neuting towers are always primary targets.

First rule of mission running is take out all EWAR threats asap.
Second rule of mission running is work on one spawn trigger and it’s reinforcement group at a time.
Third rule of mission running is do not aggro all spawn triggers within the mission pocket.
Fourth rule of mission running, always follow and adhere to the first, second and third rules.



I agree with DeMichael Crimson. Keep skill training till you have a ship able to run a level 4 security mission with ease.

Also you can complete Epic Arc’s every 90days. Well once you complete it.

I would try out this one out first: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/The_Blood-Stained_Stars


I run lvl 4 missions for Caldari…
Working on SOE at the moment…
BUT if you need a hand look me up in-game channel: NYXB Pub

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In game chat channel

  • Help My Mission

if it’s still running.

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You can take on 1000000 battleships in the game with a cruiser. Just orbit an object at 30 and fit an over sized afterburner. Best ship is a vexor navy issue with 5 heavies :call_me_hand:t2:

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