Arc mission chains

alpha account
available ships: frigate, destroyer, cruiser

i just came back to this game and would like to remind myself gameplay with a series of quests/missions
what (epic?) arcs could i do? where to find start them? i heard lvl4 are for battleships which i dont own, also that u cant do it in main empires for some reason

thx in advance

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The Sisters of Eve epic arc is only Level 1.


Sister Alitura (sp?) in Arnon to start Sisters of Eve arc which is designed to be run by newer players. Amarr, Caldari, gallente, and minmatar epic arcs are level4. There are pirate arcs that are technically lvl3, but only foul heretics and traitors to decency pollute themselves with that debauchery.

Cosmos Agents offer a small series of missions, sorta like a mini arc, from 3 to 5 parts.

Most of the Cosmos Agents can only be completed once in the life of the character and can only be accessed with positive Faction standing. They should only be done when you’re ready and have the time to run them.

Most of the missions are basically a ‘Search & Retrieve’ mission for specific items found by hacking containers in specific Complexes along with looting NPC’s defending the sites.

When you talk to a Cosmos Agent, the mission offer will sit in your Journal for 7 days, that will allow you time to find the required items before actually accepting the mission.

If the mission is not accepted within 7 days, it becomes a fail.

If you decline the mission offer, it becomes a fail.

If you quit the mission, it becomes a fail.

So yeah, I suggest researching each Cosmos Agent first before talking to them, make a list of items required to complete their mission series, go in-game and collect those items, then talk to the Agent and accept/complete their mission series.

The pirate epic arcs (Smash & Grab for Gurista and Angel Sound for Angel Cartel) are also doable in a Tristan or Dessie. They mostly happen in NPC Null though, so they’re mostly about not getting killed by the natives with a little PvE sprinkled in…


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That reminds me, that should get a tweak. COSMOS missions can be fun and why would we want to only do those once?

Everyone would want Pashan’s +7% turret damage implant.

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where would i start the chain to get said implant?

It’s not a chain. Its the Caldari COSMOS mission line and you can find it in “The Forge” around Osmon.
You need very high Amarr standing to complete the mission and enough room for a Guristas shuttle in your cargo bay.
If recall correctly in the last COSMOS missions for the Caldari, you get a Rattlesnake copy.

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