Next Mission after tutorial agents?

(Orim Silverhand) #1

So I did the intro tutorial. Got all blowned up. Then I went and did all the agent missions to learn the different systems in eve. Then was looking for the next place to go. One mission mentioned something about faction warfare or something but didn’t say where to go. Am I missing something or is there just no more story missions after the first few agents? I mean After sludging through the industry one to make sure I had them all completed I figured it would do SOMETHING. but nada.

(Xercodo) #2

After the 5 agents you’re left to do w/e you want from there. It’s where any semblance of an “on-rails” experience ends. You’ve been dumped in the ocean with a map of everything, start rowin>:3

(ISD Stall) #3

Hi there, welcome to Eve.

You could start the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc. If you’re in the Rookie Help Channel, ask for a link to start the Epic Arc. .

(Orim Silverhand) #4

That sounds like what I’m looking for! How are you supposed to “find” this in the universe if it’s not pointed out to you? Is there one for each faction? I hope so! I’m gallente so I wonder what their story arc is.

(ISD Stall) #5

The Sisters of Eve epic arc is in the channel MOTD for Rookie Help. While there is not a game mechanic that sends you there, most people in Rookie Help will send you there next.

(Xercodo) #6

The arc is faction neutral, but the factions make their presence known through out. By the end you pick a faction to side with and that faction will give a large standing bonus to their faction once all is said and done.

There are other arcs that are more faction specific but they are much higher level. There’s no other L1 arcs and no L2 arcs at all. The 2 level 3 arcs are for pirate factions, and there’s 4 arcs at level 4, one for each faction.

(Kynami Vaille) #7

Fair warning SoE arc is long with a lot of jumps involved. Additionally near the end are a couple missions where you actually need to deal more than a certain amount of damage to progress… or find a “friend” to help clear the mission for you.

If you want to have a reasonable time of it I’d suggest fitting your way into 150+ DPS on a destroyer if you’d prefer to go it alone. Otherwise be ready to ask for help, because if you don’t do enough damage you won’t break the tank recovery on the boss of the quest line.

Since you are Gallente I’d suggest fitting out an Algos and getting used to using drones in conjunction with ship guns effectively.

As for finding things to do? You can look in the agent finder for agents offering certain mission types, corporation ads looking for players, just wander out looking for combat anomalies to clear, or go probing for treasure in locked cans. And there is plenty more beyond that as well.

(Orim Silverhand) #8

Sounds good. I moved a bunch of stuff down to Emsar and built an Incursus (did the first little bit in my Corvette) while it built. I like drones. They seem like they just kill stuff for me and I don’t have to do anything but click orbit. Looking at the ships, I think I’ll save up for a Vexor. I’ve basically got enough money for it now as it is.

(Nora Maldoran) #9

Just keep in mind not to fly what you can not afford to loose. If you undock it you will at some point.

For the Sisters of Eve arc I would go with an Algos. It also warps faster than a cruiser class hull.
When you feel confident with that advance to the Vexor.

(yellow parasol) #10

Here’s a mission for you, Soldier!

You jump into a corvette, open the map and seek out a system of low security.

Then you head there. If you make it, you jump to the next lowsec system.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

.) Getblown up by lowsec residents.
.) Contact them.
.) Have a good talk and express your curiosity.
.) Hope that they give you money, but NEVER ask for money!

I’ve made 25 million isk that way in my first hour of playing and so you can too, Soldier.

If you want more missions of this kind, feel free to ask.


(Sabriz Adoudel) #11

I’ve played for 5 years and never done the higher level mission arcs, and found the SOE one really dull. (Your mileage may vary).

In EVE you can see NPCs as your opponent and fight them, or you can see other players as your opponents and fight them instead.

Other players are smarter (usually…) and so make for more interesting opponents.

(Eleonora Crendraven) #12

A REALLY good suggestion by @yellow_parasol!!

If you are not quite in the right mood for this, here is the mission report
for the SOE epic arc:
For some missions you might need the help of other pilots.

(Memphis Baas) #13

This game is a “sandbox”, meaning that the mission agents expect you to ASK them for missions, rather than offering. Click the stylized E at the top of the menu bar on the left (in game), and look for the Agent Finder app. Pick a NPC corp you feel like building a relationship with (the Navy corps are popular, for example), and go bug their agents for missions.

This game isn’t about missions, though. This is a strategy PVP game. Missions, mining, exploration, manufacturing, trade… all of these are options, but ultimately just sophisticated enough to get you some ISK so you can fund your PVP activities.

(Orim Silverhand) #14

Thanks for the heads up on agents. Right now I’ve been wandering space looking for some random anomalies while I wait for Drones 5 to finish. The narrative kept me wondering what was going to happen next and I’d gladly welcome a little bit of reading between grinding drone boars in the space forest just to pass the time.

(Shiroe Kumamato) #15

I seem to remember getting random, unexpected evemails from agents that wanted me to go somewhere and meet them so they could give me special missions. Does this not happen anymore?

(Kynami Vaille) #16

Those occur basically every fifteen missions of the same level you have performed for a corporation. They can roll as just about any mission type and award a significantly greater amount of standings than a usual mission.

They also can give far greater than usual rewards like +3 or +4 implants. But RNG usually just makes it an enhanced credit reward.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #17

You will find the anomolies in highsec quite dull.

If you are in a position where you can afford to lose a cruiser, give the lowsec ones a go.

The most dangerous part of lowsec is usually getting in there - you will want to find a quiet high to low gate. Your starmap can help here (set it to Statistics - List number of player ships destroyed in last hour).

(Thursday Park-Laine) #18

I started with the space trucker missions for the caldari navy. The level 1-3 ones are rather quick (just a few jumps with little cargo, dessies do the trick) and my standing increased fast. Then I did some level IV cargo missions while my core skills trained. You can do level IV cargo missions with the starter skillpoints and the free hauler ship from the career agents. Payout is a couple of Million ISK per hour (not too bad for starters) and the standing gain lowers the taxes in Jita. But don’t do level 4 security missions next just because you got the stading for them, lost a few ships that way.

(Boldly Gone) #19

To reach Lvl 4 as a starter means to dedicate to that task. How long do you have to search and visit appropriate agents of the same faction to obtain the required standing?
For me, I just have access to some Lvl 2 agents after 4 weeks. But because of the diversity of EVE, I don’t stick to them, but fly around like a overwhelmed child at its very first zoo visit…

(Thursday Park-Laine) #20

Agent and corp. standing grow fast (Standing from regular missions). But getting standing for level 4 missions with a whole faction (storyline missions) takes some time and hurts the standing with other factions. The social skills help with that.