Story lines that are interesting in Eve Online

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As a new player I am trying to do my Air Career Missions to learn the game and its mechanics. It has been couple weeks now and I’ve started to wonder if there are other things to do in this game. What I mean by that is other than going mission NPC’s to NPC’s where quests feels “dull” and empyt or going for PVP & group fleets etc. Some thing makes me feel empty in this game. However, I cannot explain it yet. It might be that we’re not allowed to explode planet surfaces or only being able to play as a ship but not a 3rd person player etc.

In conclusion, if you guys could advice me “newbie” level friendly story quests I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for the kind answers. Peace.

Edit: I’ve changed topic section to “Missions” however I kinda feel like my question is not entirely about missions.

Right so, assuming I’m understanding your question correctly…

You’re wanting some quests with an actual consistent narrative to em. In that case the biggest thing to point to and say do is the Sisters of EVE questline

Alt-M to open the Agency window - Agents & Missions - Epic arcs and look for “The Blood-Stained Stars” . Tell you what system you need to be in and who to talk to. That’s a pretty lengthy questchain that will set you up nicely with some money while giving you a tour of Empire space. Small choice at the end too.

ALso in that same tab… You will find there are multiple Epic arcs, one for each Empire and two for the pirate factions. The Empire ones are scaled up more for battleships, but if you’re feeling like taking a risky adventure, the pirate ones are scaled for Frigates/Destroyers.

The pirate ones are also super short in comparison to the others in that list. That said, it is scaled towards lower SP ships, con of the adventure is that you’re gonna be operating in Nullsec

… You will die btw. You will get killed by a player. And If I had to suggest one, do the Angel one because the Guristas one is reliant on a bunch of items and you can soft-lock yourself if you ■■■■ up or get clipped by a player.


Find a player corp and write your own story. This is a sandbox game with only very basic NPC content, mainly used as feature to grind some money. There are some longer mission chains with some storyline (the EpicArcs), some older COSMOS arcs that also have some lore info, and you can look at the EvE timeline to get some infos about how the big empires came to war with each other, how the Drifters came to New Eden and so on… even pick a side in this FactionWar. But really, as a new player your 100% number one goal should be to find a player corp that can teach and guide you, to enable you to find your sweetspot in this huge universe. Good luck and welcome!

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When I was new and learning the game, I really enjoyed visiting tourist destinations.

The game has destinations that you can visit that relate to the game’s lore and also to individual and group player efforts, in game.

Picking a destination, picking a ship to get there, fitting the ship, and plotting a course to my end goal destination was great. I had all sorts of pvp interaction on some of my trips, and they didn’t always end up in explosions.

Though, explosions…should be expected, :slight_smile:

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Great answer with so much information, thank you. One last question left for me to ask and is that which ships should I take to feel safe while doing stuffs that you’ve addressed? There so may options …

For the Sisters arc I think It can be done entirely in a t1 frig. A destoryer would never hurt so just pick what you like and it’ll be fine… At the very end you’ll come across an NPC you might need help with. Just ask in local, someone will help you and typically wont be shady about it.

The pirate arcs are a different breed since you’re gonna be in nullsec. Same ship classes apply, the two arcs were designed around Interceptor frigates so whatever you bring with better firepower/Tank will do just fine. The issue is players and gate camps.

Consider the pirate arcs a great way to get out there and learn how to navigate nullsec. Learn about D-Scan, learn to warp around to planets and asteroid belts to get in range of a gate to scan and see if it’s got hostiles on it. Use Gatecheck to look ahead on destinations

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Sisters Arc, doable in a frigate, straightforward in a Destroyer - late on in the story there’s an opponent that takes reasonable firepower to overcome. But, while you may struggle first time you can always reship to deal with him. It’s a learning experience.

For sightseeing, a reasonably cheap ship if you are wandering into more dangerous areas - something agile and fast so you can handle being chased. Consider it a way of learning how to fly in the less safe areas.
Go and see the Eve Gate - a pilgrimage all pilots should undertake. You can’t get to the gate, it’s a few ly off the New Eden system in Genesis, too far to warp, but the remains are spectacular.

Try using an explorer ship, something like a cheap Magnate with scan probes and have a wander through wormholes - get yourself lost, come out in a new part of New Eden and have and adventure, you’ll meet people who will kill you and people who will be your new friends. Sometimes both at the same time. Make your own stories.

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Great ideas for me to explore and hang around … I love this community.

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