Eve online missions Notes and suggestions


i suggest two things about missions:
1- Creating a Webpages that tell the story of eve online missions. Not sure if all agents have same story or if they are working on different aspect of main story. (Lore or wiki)

2- From the missions i did i notice and i recommend for eve online to have a rework of missions to make it liner and cinematic similar to the introduction that now exist without a filler in it.

Notes that might help:
I did some of the career missions and i notice that sometimes if you did agents on different ranking it might confuse you unless if you know how to sort your self in eve online. New players not always know how to bring stuff without others help or previous experience so it will be good to add a hierarchy to start with an agent then next one then to finish. The reason is some missions provide ships suitable for other missions and not necessary the new player have that ship. If you start the enforcer career first you will not have a venture ship to do industry career, or you might be new to eve and start with the harder mission than easiest one. So it will be good to make a liner career missions.

Other note :
Career should refer to cosmos missions or epic arc. Plus it should explain the standing requirement. Not sure if the career missions will boost the standing for SOE to do it because i do not remember the standing requirement but if the career will graduate a player with lower standing that what needed to do SOE arc it might need a way to calibrate that.

I believe that to enjoy eve online the player should be busy but not overwhelmed, Career missions is good start then i recommend SOE Which it must be mentioned to who do career missions to do it, After the player is done from doing SOE i recommend mentioning to the players that go increase your standing with any empire you want so the standing missions increase to do the Empires epic arc. Seem Cosmos missions dose not has a place in between of that but it need to be mentioned somehow for the new players that finished Career, SOE and Epic arc.

More Note:
Amarr empire has around 47 members in a corporation and Minmitar around 37 and so on for other empires. All of those have or has a missions and loyalty point. I do not see it useful to have missions for all of that corporations unless if they have special gain for the players. Ore corporation as example is giving stuff for mining when it is not available somewhere else if not mistaken. The note in here is make every type of corporation give a specific reward that not available somewhere else. Nurtura Corp from Amarr empire as in the description it provide food for the empire so why not make it has a missions that give food reward like water or live stocks so players can use it and seed the market. I am sure all empire has stuff that it produce it it self via a corporation but make that corp usefull for players to grind from. If that corp has no use then remove it. That need to reflect on all corporations within all empires.

Loyalty point from my prescriptive is not good enough on general as reward. At max i believe you can get around 2000 - 8000 LP and that will not bring you one navy battle ship in a month. in calculating you can say it will give you that in five days but it dose not. You will need to get one via only LP or pay ISK and some LP or have a hull and LP or ISK …something like that. so you grind LP then Farm ISK or mine to build or get disrupted by a missions that called story line. LP store need to offer stuff related to the corporation purpose.

Suggest on missions levels:
If the level it self dose not provide a specific reward that not in other level then i recommend that it should. Level one as example let us say it provide frig BPC and level two give destroyer BPC when Level three give cruiser one and four give battle ships bpc. Mining level one might give trit and pyrate when level two give isogen and mexalon and three give noxyom and megacyte and level four give morphite as example with reasonable amount… ETC

This is what i had for now and let us see what you guys think.


Yeah I agree, having a list of Career Agents to complete in a specific order so new players can use the items they give would be helpful.

Since the SoE Epic Arc is level 1 and designed for new players, there is no required standing amount for access.

Not sure if it’s still in it but the final message from the Career Agents use to mention that Sister Alitura in Arnon is looking to hire Capsuleers… If that note has been removed then CCP should put it back in…

Mentioning Cosmos Agents in the last message from Career Agents could help inform new players about that content. However since Cosmos Agent missions are tougher than regular missions, it might be better if Cos mos Agents were mentioned in the final message from Sister Alitura when the SoE Epic Arc is completed.

Based on what I’ve read on the forums in various threads over the years many if not most COSMOS missions are broken one way or another and CCP / support is unwilling to help or fix the missions themselves thus I would entirely avoid recommending that stuff to any player let alone new players and probably would outright discourage people from running them unless they confirmed the specific mission (chain) in question is doable.

I’d say that CCP would rather Cosmos die a silent death.

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Customer Support is basically a joke, the regular personnel working that don’t know anything, their scripted generic replies are supposedly meant to apply to most everything. To actually get in touch with a knowledgeable person, players need to escalate their tickets to a Senior GM.

As for the Cosmos Agents, I’ve only heard of a couple Agents being broken.

Well maybe it was just my impression but it seemed quite overwhelming of a problem as read a number of threads about this the past years if I recall correctly and someone even mentioned the GMs actually wrote CCP does not intend to fix the broken COSMOS stuff and technically they abandoned supporting COSMOS missions to the point they won’t even reset them even if they are glitched out. At least that was what someone wrote as I remember.

I’ve seen a couple of the threads posted, they don’t list a bunch of Agents on it, usually it’s about 1 or 2 different Agents which is a far cry from most Cosmos Agents being broken. There were even a couple of broken Cosmos Agents back when I ran them in 2010-2011. Cosmos Agents are basically advanced content meant for experienced players so yeah, no mission reset. That’s mainly something CCP does for new players on level 1 missions.

Now back when I ran Cosmos, a Senior GM did spawn some mission items in station for me when the correct amount didn’t drop. A Senior GM also activated a couple of Cosmos Agents who wouldn’t respond, one Agent in particular just wouldn’t cooperate so that one was definitely broken, another Cosmos Agent wouldn’t offer the first mission but after being coaxed by the Senior GM, the Agent did offer the 2nd and following missions in the series.

Now about Customer Support, it’s a 3rd party group with generic replies intended to quickly close tickets without doing any actual work. Like I said earlier, best to escalate tickets to a Senior GM… Main problem with that is the long response time…

As for gaining more standings, maybe the final message in the Epic Arcs could mention visiting Data Centers…

This is a review on the introduction of eve online for new player.

When a player start eve online he was in corvette but now he eject in a capsule after station distruction.
That capsule will start to board in an Air astero which equalivant to the corbette in skill.
At start it will not have any modules because the introduction explain the control of the ship.
After a while it will add modules as the introduction progress.
After finshing the introduction which both an astero and a capsule being destroyed we will be starting from air station and will learn a bit about skill training then we will head to career agents while learning how to navigate through space and systems. second jerouny is the career agents missions.

Notice that there is this fit being used before the career agents in the introduction of eve online is:

AIR Civilian Astero
Civilian Stasis Webifier
Civilian Gatling Pulse Laser
1MN Civilian Afterburner
Civilian Gatling Pulse Laser
Multispectral ECM I

The skill requirement is:
Spaceship Command Level 1
Mining Level 1
Gunnery Level 1
Electronic Warfare Level 1
CPU Management Level 1

Those skills is already being trained and it is the basic needed in eve online.

All the before is a summary on what will happen for new players.

What you will read next is a notes on my experince on tring the introduction then i will explain the career missions and what it need to modify.

Notes on the introduction:
Camera tracking need an explain on how to activate it and how to deactivate it Manually or via short cut.

When Aura speak about an overview the eye go to the biggest box on the left which the air security commander Balin Ferrus but not the overview on the right so it might need a highlight that say this is the overview and Balin Ferrus ship in it and an addtional note from aura that you can either pick from the screen or from the overview.

When Balin Ferrus repair the ship it is not noticed unless aura said so might be suitable that an arrow appear on the ship HP bar while it is repaired.

At this moment i dissconnected so i reconnect but i restarted from the start so it is worth adding a way point after every action so if a new player did dissconnect he get back to where he was.

I notice the player has +340K SP at start with 5000 ISK. The +340K SP was not there and player were to train them themself and it is required to train the SP in old days of eve and here is a list on what actually being given to new players:

Owned skills:
Hull upgrades L3
Mechanics L3
Drone Avionics L1
Drones L1
Electronic warfare L1
Proulsion Jamming L1
CPU mangement L4
Capacitor MAngement L3
Electronics upgrades L3
energy grid upgrade L1
Power Grig mangement L4
Weapoin upgrade L2
Gunnery L4
Motion prediction L2
Rapid Firing L2
Sharpshooter L2
Small XXXX turret L1
trajectory Analysis L1
Missile Launcher operation L1
Afterburner L3
Evasive maneuvering L1
High speed maneuvering L1
Navigation L3
Warp drive operation L2
cyvernetics L1
industry L1
Mining L3
salvaging L3
Archaeology L1
Astrometric acquistion L1
Astrometric Rangefinding L1
Astrometrics L3
Hacking L1
Survey L3
Science L4
Shield mangement L1
Shield upgrades L1
Tactical shield manipulation L1
Mining frigate L1
XXX frigate L1
XXX industrial L1
Space ship command L3
Long range targeting L2
Signature Analysis L2
Targeting Mangement L3
Marketing L1
Trade L2

After the repair we entered warp formation but it is good if there is a note to dubble click on a dirction so we warp out after aligning telling the players you can manual dirct your ship.

A side quistion that when Aura mention the cosmic abnormalities dose that really can be used in real eve playing like player hide in a cosmic plce so his signuture dose not show on scanner or via probe ? I think it is just for story but i hope if that can be applied.

when Aura give order to lock a target it is good to mention that you can use Lock on both frind and hostile. Repair require locking and attack require locking and same for scanning.

It is worth mentioning that you can lock more than one target.

It is worth mentioning that the repair will help you but sometimes you need to fitt a repairer and if the damage is more than the repair then that mean the ship might be destoyed.

When the cruiser appear it might be on outrange so it is worth mentioning that weapon hit on diffrint range so it is suiteable to be on optimal range. Maybe an explain on the optimal range and falloff range from 100% to zero.

It is good that they mentiond ship being destroyed if they hit zero HP in here as repeat so the second one they did it in the end.

After ship being destroyed we show up in Air station and after they order Board my corvette it is worth mentioning that you can zoom in and out to see the ship in better visual.

It is worth mentioning that you can access station services on the right and more choices on newcom list on the left which in the introduction it show only some on the left like cargo and the agency.

When examine ship attribute through fitting window it is worth making sure player read but not only click so might be better to count four or five highlights on ship attribute.

After that the gifted armor repair being mentiond and the inject of a skill it forward us to a skill plan content which good and it just say start track but it dose not teach how to drag and add skills manually, it will be good to mention that.

When it said close the skills window it is worth to mention that there is some players play in windowd screen so it is good to add arrow on the spicific X window.

When the agency mentiond it is worth adviseing the new player to explore the agency window later and stick for now to the guide.

After opening the agency window Aura explaind that there is business, industry , militry combat and exploration which good but as i recommended in the post it should force a liner path so it dose not put the capsuler in a career that harder on him or missing a required stuff.

Vesper Calytrix said she will be in touch if there is additional information so dose that mean there is something will be added ?? if so that will be good as an additional Epic story.

Then Aura teach how to travel through the space from system to system dirctly to the player faction station. The mission that Aura pointing to is the first one on the top from the agency window which is the enforcer career in a corvette ship.
After starting a conversation with the agent then accepting it, Aura disappeared letting you discover the rest of the career missions.

We have EVE-Survival: EVE-Survival to help you with what you are planning.

This is a review on the career missions from new char prescriptive.
I used an ALT in Minmitar for the Republic Military School .
You might find some grammar or miss writing but get the meaning.
Also i notify that What apply on Republic Military School will be different on different faction which i believe all faction need to follow same method but with different reward related to the race that offering it.

Next is a notes on the career missions:
Any changes must reflect on each faction on each empire which five agents per faction and we got three per empire while we have four empires. we speak about 60 agents totally (5 * 3 * 4).

Last time we were left with an agent. start a conversation then read then accept. but hold on. You do not want a single note to slip from the reader and i recommend that other than two pages one right and one left with different informations it is better to make it one page. So agent information then missions information. The reason is that over time you will read only the right page only while the left one has good informations. The left page to be on the top of the right page.

The missions that we accepted is telling us to clear an asteroid belt from hostiles because Miners requested that. it is good that they mentioned to approach the enemy on left page including decline warning. The missions name Cash Flow for Capsulers (1 of 10) Objectives.

Second missions is Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10) Objectives and it mentioned on the left page to equip shield booster or armor repairer which already being equipped if the ship did not being lost. then on the right the mission details. I do not recommend changing anything.

Third missions is Cash Flow for Capsuleers (3 of 10) Objectives which is harder for new player than the previous one because of wep drone but it is fine.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (4 of 10) Objectives mission fine.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (5 of 10) Objectives Some how it was hard hitting the only enemy in there. was doing approximately +8 DMG. Amarr career one was not like that.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (6 of 10) Objectives The mission took long time to destroy Steon sentry defence but not the main objective nor the NPC. If the mission meant to do the objective only then there is should be a note that do the task and leave. Amarr career mission was not like that. it might i used a frig than a corvette!!.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (7 of 10) Objectives The mission was bugged for me so someone test it and give a feed back. What i faced was the DMG show i hit but the locked target did not recive change visual on the lock icon. I was facting a Gisti thug .so warped out then returned but still hard. I do not think new player will play Missions 7 in corvette without being destroyed. might be good mentioning using the frigate with good equipment.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (8 of 10) Objectives was hard to do in corvette also so i switched to a frigate which slasher. it was medium to do it in frigate which fine.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (9 of 10) Objectives The gate was not locked so i can get in without being pervented nor the hostile agro. But if i aproach them they engage. Next gate the waves is easy to take with slashers even gisti thug.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (10 of 10) Objectives was easy to finish and no notes.

The Swap (1 of 10) Objectives Nothing to mention. no problem noticed.

Angel of Mercy (2 of 10) Objectives In this mission the action required from the pilot dose not add to the pilot experince. Just aproach the battle station and it will disappear. Might be usefull using a container to put stuff on it or giving the jetsion order or using smart device.

Your Undivided Attention (3 of 10) Objectives It was good and the information from the agent that being given is good unless i do not think new player will know what is core number is. Might be usefull to introduce that somehow before the mission.

A Friend in Need (4 of 10) Objectives is good also ordering a way to repair with shield device. Might be worth it to explain that there is armor one and hull also.

The Stand (5 of 10) Objectives in this mission might be worth telling the pilot to board a corvette which is cheap and free for him other than he lose the given frig. unless it intentionally meant to train him losing a given ship. Telling him to replace some equipment in that corvette might be good so he learn to equip and maxmize the benifit.

Don’t Look Back (6 of 10) Objectives it is good that it explain the afterburner and microdrive device. Might be usefull to order boarding new corvette that what being lost from last mission. In this mission it need to mention that aproach or move toward astroid station because the sentences other side might not be clear to the player. Addtion to that seem after clicking complete the missions there is an addtional information in this one and i assume there is also in the old missions which i did not read my self. Something need to be fixed so the information being recived which did not happen in my case.

Weapon of Choice (7 of 10) Objectives Good that it mention capacitor related to autocannon and lasers. and good it mention that it is suitable to use correct equipment for correct ship.

The Pacifist (8 of 10) Objectives nothing to add on the mission. It is fine.

Glue (9 of 10) Objectives it is fine. But after finishinig the mission it said that they will recommend us to The Tribal Liberation Force which dose not exist as an npc corp but it exist as player corp. The one mentiond that is Gonakis Eraettafrin and not sure if the other agents in other factions mentiond same or similer to that called corp.

The Exam (10 of 10) Objectives it is fine.

Cosmic Anomalies (1 of 5) Objectives it is fine.Just warp and retrive.

An Introduction to Cosmic Signatures (2 of 5) Objectives It is good explaning on all site types and what it look like.

Data Site Scanning (3 of 5) Objectives has an issue so how the player going to control the probes? how to retrive it ? almost player know but not new player.

Relic Site Scanning (4 of 5) Objectives fine for who know how to scan.

Balancing the Books (1 of 10) Objectives in this mission it is worth it to mention that set destination an add way point.

Balancing the Books (2 of 10) Objectives it is fine exept that seem the container is taking longer time than usual like 5 cycle than normal werck unless that being made intentionally.

Balancing the Books (3 of 10) Objectives it had good explain but it is worth it that you can minimize waste by skilling up and using upgraded structue. And in this mission it mentiond the new venture which i suggest to add one lanucher harpoint or make it three turret hardpoint. At this time i did this mission i had no small armor repairer and no drone to use for missions in venture so i need to use one mining device and one turret. Addtion note that to fill the venture as dedicated mining player it require 49 minuts that value from 500K ISK up to 9.5M ISK and with good boost it might dubble the income per hour. so the basic range income might be from 1.8M every three hours up to 33.84 M that in a month is 53M-1B and with boost 106M-2B that if the venture can mine mercoxite.

Balancing the Books (4 of 10) Objectives No issue.

Balancing the Books (5 of 10) Objectives It is good the mention of using overdrive and it is benificial over long jeourny.

Balancing the Books (6 of 10) Objectives in this mission the agent ask about bringing The Tracking Computer I Blueprint which me my self bought from the market in the station but let us say that someone want to build it!, I recommend that to provide Tracking Computer I Blueprint in the career agent stations for all factions and might be good to mention build it or buy it or loot it.

Balancing the Books (7 of 10) Objectives in this mission the agent requested from me to open a container via relic analyzer so i visited the site then from room to room untill i reached the container. i was attacking the NPC while solving the analyzation so i sucssed and waited till i cleared the NPC but seem the container closed so i need to do it again. Not sure if that site as a fixed place for all players ? or if it is generated randomly. If it is randomly i think it is good to not make the container close to open again.

Balancing the Books (8 of 10) Objectives it is fine.

Balancing the Books (9 of 10) Objectives this one was good explaining better than 6 of 10 .

Balancing the Books (10 of 10) Objectives This one is fine with me.

Making Mountains of Molehills (1 of 10) Objectives as explained it is fine. But seem it designed that players might use corvette than venture which if the mission was liner then i assume this will be edited because the venture is being given before plus this mission already will give a venture as reward.

Making Mountains of Molehills (2 of 10) Objectives This one was easy because i already have the minral from previuos mission so accept and complete.

Making Mountains of Molehills (3 of 10) Objectives This mission seem repeated from the industrialis - entrepreneur.

Making Mountains of Molehills (4 of 10) Objectives No Issue noticed.

Making Mountains of Molehills (5 of 10) Objectives It is fine.

Making Mountains of Molehills (6 of 10) Objectives it is worth mentioning that in the information of the mission that the agent gave us a BPC AND he mentiond some ore that is not exist in high securty systems righ NOW 2021/12. so it might need to Be fixed by giving us a BPC that build only with the Tirtanum and pyirate because mexalon is not veldpsar nor scordite but in kernite or Pyroxeres or Plagioclase which not in nearby high security systems to the starter system. The only way for beginner is to buy.

Making Mountains of Molehills (7 of 10) Objectives Just a delivery and it is fine.

Making Mountains of Molehills (8 of 10) Objectives it was not an issue because we got mineral from previous mining.

Making Mountains of Molehills (9 of 10) Objectives This one is good especially that the site has Kernite so it might be worth it to tell the player Mine all and sell because it is a rare item in high security But it might be good to increase it is volume similar to normal asteroid belts.

Making Mountains of Molehills (10 of 10) Objectives This mission was good which request building Burst frigate. For me i got one from previous mission which good and all it require is accept and complete.

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SOE epic missions All is fine to do except:

Data Retrieval Objectives They request station to be destroyed but nothing to destroy.

Passive Observation Objectives Complete I was thinking just stay still and it is a scout or try to look on different things and that it is. But seem it is approach the hive till you get near the security NPC so a note appear. Might be better to say approach.

SOE serial missions i chosed Bag of blood than tracking the queen. Then i gave Dagan to Minmitar.

Why named NPC dose not drop something epic? (Dagan or Mizare…ETC)

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its not a station, just a destroyed ship.

I noticed something i do not like at all.

Some missions provide ore like crokite and / or genises which a down grade version called fool crokite or what ever…

why not i get the ore when i mine it my self by my effort even if that is beneficial for me.

i do not think it can be exploited very hardly if the site has the original one crokite and that will not harm the economy especially when the max times to do these missions is 12 times. (once per faction).

What missions are you talking about that have a max number of times to do them?

SoE and COSMOS constellation missions have limits on how many times they can be run. (Don’t even talk to COSMOS mission agents, unless you are prepared to run the mission they are supposed to give.)

DMC missed an opportunity to link “The Plan” :wink:

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i know about the cosmos, but where he said max 12 times, thats what got me confused on which missions he was talking about.

Four empires x three schools each = twelve :bulb:

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once per faction?? Sounds almost like he’s actually talking about the career agents.

Yes that’s what I was referring to.

Edit: Didn’t read back the thread but cosmos missions are once per lifetime per character so the only thing to my knowledge that can be limited to twelve are the career agents of the starter schools as there’s twelve of each agent due to the math I’ve referenced in my previous post.

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@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras as Uriel_the_Flame explained.