Mission agents in space?

A friend of mine who is an old retired eve player mentioned mission agents in space and if you speak to them it will get you started on this super intense mission chain that can get you some serious standing boost? Is this content still around or no?

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Sounds like Epic Arc’s




Or sound like Cosmos.

These have a lot of agents in space and give a big boost to faction standing.

Not to forget the combat booster gas constellation agents on the entry gates to these constellations.

Any good ship suggestions? I’m an Alpha that started a few days ago. Thanks for your help in advance.

It depend for what:

The SoS epic arc can be done in a Frigate for most missions. As alpha it is no problem at all.

I have only done a few of the other epic arcs. But it could be a problem with alpha skills. Especilly the Level 4 ones.

The Cosmos missions need stuff from sites that have limits for ships. A lot of the missions can be done with an alpha, but you need to read where to get the items and farm these first.
Some of the sites even need a battleship or T2/T3 ship to survive. The Frigate sites are way easier if you have a T2 Frigate instead of a T1 with only low skills.
Not sure if the items can be farmed with the low skills an alpha has (maybe the alpha+ with T2 weapons).

Thanks! I will just have to do the SoE arc. Been to distracted doing the arms race events.

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