Help on how to determine whether an Agent is good or not Level 4's

Hey guys now after comming back to EvE i decided to try Mission running.
My main problem is that i dont know how to find out if an agent offers good missions.
Dont get me wrong, i know the isn’t such thing like only good ones, by good i mean like someone told me that in Lanngisi the SOE L4 Agent only offers mission that are like 2 jumps out, wich would scale down the Travel time needed and if thats true are there any other Agents like that one in Lanngisi ?.
So how do you find out things like that ? Trial by Error ? or is there something like a Guide for it ?.

Years ago I already did missions for Fed Navy and Brutor Tribe, my Fed Standing is like 7.5 and my Brutor like 8.5 or 8.6.

So for now I Plan on doing things in Amarr Space and I found an Agent in Siyi but I cant find out how it will be when is comes out to things like Travel time.

With the whole LP conversion thingy, i already did my research and if got a few Corps in mind but most are Gallente tbh :smiley:

It would be kind if someone could enlighten me.
Thanks in advance.


MOST mission agents seem to send us 1-2 jumps, most of the time. So I don’t think travel times are a big problem. I think the biggest speed boost comes from deciding to blitz vs collecting loot. Then if you’re into shaving seconds, I’m sure one side of World’s Collide is better than the other :wink:

I think the most important factor for rewards is the security rating of the system in which the agent is. The lower the rating, the higher the rewards (since you are flying in “risky” space. That’s why Lanngisi is a good choice. Osmon is also a 0.5 and should be quite similar. But Osmon being a 0.7 would have worse rewards.

The geography also can have an impact, but I am not sure how this one works. I think it has something to do with constellations, like an agent only sending you to systems in the same constellation so a smaller constellation or a more central location within the constellation is good because then the agent can’t send you too far. But that’s just a guess, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can chime in.

Hey Guys, thanks for the answers, so I figured some things out myself .
To be exact the constellation thingy atleast i think i figured it out :slight_smile:.
For now im only concerned about my Standings i was -5.8 with Amarr but the SOE Epic Arc fixed that for me - for now. It seems like im up for Amarr Missions now and then start Circleing

and tips about that ? my initial Plan was to go for Gallente and Amarr missions are you guys thinking i could Stay positive with those two ? i dont want to go -5 with Minmatar or Caldari minmatar is +.6 and Caldari is like - 2.3

about what ?

It’s easy to keep ONE or TWO empires at +5, while maintaining the two others at -2+ . It’s very difficult to keep FOUR at +5. What you can do is, I keep one corp at +5 for each empire, when you want to switch the empire you need first to do like 5 storylines to get back to +5. of course do the SoE epic every time, also the caldari epic is the fastest one to do (5h to complete it) .

Typically I never increase the caldari empire through storyline (this allows me to have gallente and matar at +5), also I usethe soe to keep my amarr at -2+
sometimes the amarr has the highest isk/h agent, but does not last very long. so meanwhile I just stock up the LP (I have 3M LP with one corp right now)

so with other words you tell me “stop thinking too much just start running missions”

thats how i understand it at least

no, I give you tips about

okay thats also fine.
tbh i guess after reading some guides and running some missions i slowly get into it

my main worries were, if i could do that and the way you despribed it looks really promising to me

the only thing i need to monitor now is the LP conversion fluctuations, those seem to be really crazy sometimes
im monitoring now for 1 week and the spikes seems to be really huge and that just for 1 week

as i said Amarr is mainly for repairing my standings

Two simple things to keep your standing:

  1. Don’t accept any missions that send you against factions.
  2. Be careful about accepting Storyline missions, as those use derived standing and will lower your standing against the opposing factions.

If you do want to run storyline missions, then you should split your time and run them for the opposing faction as well so you can balance any standing losses that you get on one side or the other.

If you don’t accept missions vs empire, the only loss of faction standing is when you do storyline/career/datacenters. Only storyline matters in normal pve, so with the casual SOE epic you can get back low factions.

You can always fix your amarr standing if you run storyline missions for caldari. For example. So you find system like Ardene, where you can run missions for minmatar in the system next door or for caldari in the other system next door. If you switch often enough you should keep your 5+ standing even with faction missions. Especially if you blitz burner missions mostly. They are never against other faction.

I tried and it does not work.

  • your standing increase is limited by the standing that the derived faction has toward the missioning faction.
  • your standing decrease is so strong at 5 standing that you lose more with opponent faction than you win with friend faction.

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