Immersion in Epic arcs/cosmos/other mission

Hey everyone !

Just came back after a few years without EVE. I was sucked into EVE again because of the beauty, of the space, of the spaceships, and of the trailers. I watched a few, and I could not resist. I had to activate my account again. I did not need much action, just wanted to float trough space, and do some missions - so I decided to do, what I did almost first when I started EVE in 2011 - I started the SoE Epic arc - some flying, some fighting - I liked it. Next thing will be going back into 0.0 or lowsec to hunt some spaceships.

But after I completed it, I asked myself: “Why isn´t this so ■■■■■■■ great and immersive like even Freelancer or X2/3/4 ?” I was sucked into these games and couldn´t stop playing them until they were played trough.

So what is it, what EVE is missing here ? I thought about it some days now, and I think I have my answer - there is no real connection between you / your pilot and the mission. In EVE, you just read a text, and then fly to some waypoints, and do x, warp to y, do this, do that. Its cool because it looks good and EVE gameplay is awesome - BUT - after playing missions, epic arcs, cosmos, it is hard to tell their story to anyone. The story was just not told. Not really.

In Freelancer / X-Series, you have a real feedback in your missions - after something happens, there is a voice/face on your screen/headphones giving you an update, telling you something. warp off, attack, fight for your life, or is just wondering about the story. This brings a deep immersive connection between you and the missions - after 15 years, I am still able to tell the story of freelancer out of my mind if a friend would ask me - In EVE, its hard to tell the story of an epic arc right when you are doing it ! I think you get what I mean. EVE has so impressive trailers, so full of WOW-effects. And no connection to this ingame, besides from cool fleet battles, where you create your own story.

So my feature idea is the following:

  1. A voice/video based feedback system for PVE - The AI Voice ( Aura? ), the mission agents, hostiles, that TELL the story of the missions. That interact with you. Via a picture and a voice, or a small animated face that does this job. This would create a connection to the missions - telling the player the story, telling him that he is going on a dangerous mission, that he should be careful when approaching a habitation module to rescue civilians, all that mission related stuff. I think this is why those singleplayer games make players so addicted.

I think this would make newer players stick more to the game, before they are experienced enough to create their own stories in the sandbox.

disclamer: not asking for the storyline here, just an immersive improvement of missions that exist right now.

Thanks for reading, fly safe o/

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Because PvE in EVE is just a way to farm resources and 99% of the content and stories are found in PvP. You can find greatness and immersion in EVE, you just have to play the part of the game that actually matters.

I agree with what you’re saying here however, what are the numbers when it comes to how many people do certain activities?

So, what is the % share of people who mostly run missions?

I think it’s pretty high, if not actually the majority. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be prudent to make the content that most people do “better”?


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