Epic missions, voice acting and ingame music


I’m about to finish the Sisters of EVE epic mission chain and it is much more enjoyable and interesting than normal missions. I would love to see much more mission chains like this one. I think it would be a significant step forward in quality if there would be voice acting for these missions. The possibility of player made choice in mission is also very good, I hope to see much more campaigns like this in future. I know there will be faction specific epic arcs later when I reach standing 5.0.

The other suggestion from me in this thread that the ingame music should be fully changed. Unfortunately I think this game has one of the worst ingame musics of all I played before. I know players can play other music they like in the background, but still, a game of this quality would demand a much-much better music. This game is in match with the top quality games on the market, but if you look at them, at any genre they all have much better music themes.

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Re-doing and voice acting the epic arcs would be awesome.

But no upvote for you because eve music is truly awesome.

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