EVE Soundtrack on Spotify

Hi there.

First of all a little disclaimer: I know that the EVE Soundtrack and Expansion music is on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames) and there has been posts about this topic in the past.

I just think it would be a fairly big Quality-Of-Life deal to add it to Spotify. I really enjoy listening to the music from EVE when I’m not playing the game (be it working or cooking or what-not). Soundcloud is really suboptimal - especially for when on-the-go (you can’t cache playlists in the app so you need to be online and stream the entire time, something that Spotify has solved years ago).

I hope it wouldn’t be too much of an issue resolving this suggestion.

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You might hope that, but I’ve been asking for this for years. And so far, nothing.

I have my suspicions about why, but they’re nothing but suspicions. Nothing back from CCP on it.

(Most of my suspicions fall into 2 brackets: IP rights, or no-one having the time to get it done. Former being more likely in my mind.)


I hope it’s neither of those, but you might be right.

Anyone from CCP want to give an official reply?

All I want is a physical disc of the Iceland Symphony playing EvE music. Spotify would also be nice too. I would think that this would sell like mad if it was on the EvE store. Thanks

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